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The game has been released, unfortunately, I did not have enough time to polish the game at all I had some very busy weeks and could only work on the game for 4 days a couple hours each.
The 3d-ish effect I used didn't work well with the cannons I did not have time to test this at all, there are no sounds and the ai is nonexistent to say the least.
My limited time was managed very poorly the first weekend of the jam was when I had the most available time yet I spent all the first day working on the 3d-ish effect.
I learned a lot about how to make games with the Godot engine with the experience I gained I'd say couple more jams and I could've had this game in a state I'd be happy with.
The hardest part coming from Gamemaker studio for me has been collision detection they work in completely different ways and I didn't quite get them right in the game.