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I really enjoyed this game. I had a few issues and thoughts on this game. For instance I would have really liked to see a mele wepon here. I keept wanting to use one but I didn't have on to use. Second I was confused by the green "energy" bar under the health bar. I don't know what it's supposed to do. I made a few other comments in the video if you want to look other wise these are just my thoughts. I had fun with what you made so far. I would really like to see the full game when your done. Keep up the amazing work and keep kicking ass on this game!!

Thanks Chris!

We are going to add more weapons (including some melee) which you can choose from at the beginning of each run. But I'm also thinking of a adding a boot kick like a permanent melee move. 

The green energy bar works like a shield, it reduces some damage that you take.  Probably I should add a small shield icon to make it clearer)

I've checked you laptop specs. Do you have a 1050ti card? 

Thanks for responding I would really love a cool melee weapon in the game. Might I suggest a Katana I really want to see you make one!! also yes I have the GTX 1050 ti.