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Interesting idea! I will give it a shot in the next build.  

The time capsules definitely  need some finer tuning. I was thinking of increasing their life span. Right now they disappear a bit too quickly even for me.  90% of the time I miss the first capsule, because it spawns somewhere on the opposite end of the map. I know I can't make it before it's gone so I just wait for the second one. 

Anyway, I want to put together a smaller map to see if it solves the problem. 


Yes, we do plan to bring it on steam eventually.  And thanks for the offer, I'll drop you a line if we decide that we need help with publishing)  

Thanks, man! Will check it out right now)

By the way, you were playing an old build. 

Thanks for the feedback.

- i'll check it out, it's most likely  bugged)

- it's another bug, or better say my fuck up. The difficulty stops increasing after a certain wave and sometimes the wave generator can spawn even starting scenarios of enemies.  It's an easy fix and I'll re-balance it again to make it a little more challenging. Probably will release a new build tomorrow. 
- that's a good point! I'll try it slow it down. The idea was that if you die often it's good to level up quickly. Probably, I just need to ramp up the difficulty.

Thanks for playing! It really helps shaping the game) 

Thanks for the video)

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it) We do want to add controller support in the future, and we definitely will.  Just need to sort out the more pressing issues) It's just two of us working on the game, so we have to carefully plan and prioritise every feature.

Hey, thanks for a such detailed piece of feedback.  We are already working on a new update. The sound effects are being reworked, re-balancing almost everything . There is a bug in the current build that makes jumps lower when you touch an obstacle and trying to jump and keep pressing the "W" at the same time.  It's been fixed) And the skill descriptions are also added) 

Hopefully will release the new build in the end of this month. 

Hey, thanks a lot man! Glad you liked the demo.

I'd love to have an extra pair of skillful hands, but we work on a super tight budget. Basically, it's just me (all the graphics, animation) and a friend of mine who does the coding.  Even one part-timer/freelancer will put us over the budget(

Hey! Thanks a lot!
Watching it right now with my morning coffee) Cool video!

Hey, just extract the files from the archive  and click on the .exe file

Thanks Chris!

We are going to add more weapons (including some melee) which you can choose from at the beginning of each run. But I'm also thinking of a adding a boot kick like a permanent melee move. 

The green energy bar works like a shield, it reduces some damage that you take.  Probably I should add a small shield icon to make it clearer)

I've checked you laptop specs. Do you have a 1050ti card? 

Thanks a lot, man! Watching the video right now)

The cards don't have descriptions yet, but I'll add them in the next build. Basically they upgrade the character's and weapons's stats, sometimes give extra dash or jump and so on. 

Thanks! Looking forward to your feedback )

Cool.I'll give it another go tonight) 

Got it, thanks)

Pretty solid game! 

Maybe I missed it, but is there a sprint button?


Yeah, I should've put some contact info but didn't find the right section in the page form.

Anyway, you can contact me on

Thanks for the feedback!

Settings don't work yet, but hopefully will make them work in the next build)

hahaha) Sorry for your eyes)) Settings are not working at the moment, but you'll be able to disable the bloom effect) It will be much easier on your eyes) 

Thanks for playing and for taking time to make the video)

Hey there!

My friend and I have been working on game for about a year now and we need some fresh eyes.

The game's called Mist Hunter and it's fast-paced first person shooter with odd magic weapons , upgrades and weird enemies. 

Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Congrats, man! I know it's hard to get spotted on youtube, but you're doing great! 

Yeah, the enemies can jump scare you sometimes, but when the teleportation system will be fixed it shouldn't be an issue)  

I did and subbed to your channel! It'a actually very nice that you're commenting while playing. 

The enemy teleport isn't working properly right now, as you've said, it teleports the enemies too close to you, which is unfair. 

Wow! Didn't expect that anyone would play it) Thanks for the feedback and video. It's super helpful!

Thanks man) I really need some fresh eyes to tell me whether I'm going in the right direction or not) 

And thanks for the video, watching it right now;)