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I know a few of the people that made this, so this might be a bit biased ^^.

It looks great, and it is even more impressive when done in this little amount of time. The gameplay/controls feels good, and could be extended in the future to have more puzzle action.

I cannot find any big complaints, maybe the red/green enemy bottles being hard for me to distinguish being colorblind.

I have been trying to find all the little secrets (shades) but I am still missing two of them. Maybe one day I will find them!


Wow! I's insane that you found so many! Awesome job! At the moment only 7 out of the 8 shades are currently in the game, but we are working to get the final ones in asap!


Biased opinions are the best opinions! ;)
Super impressed you got that many, well played, and the way you play it, is indeed the way it's meant to be played haha!