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I absolutely loved this game and spent hours doing speedruns of the game just before the low quality update and my best is 3:17.16 wondering what are the future plans for this game and what's your fastest time for completion?


Hi Neoguli!
I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it! I can't remember what the record was but if my memory doesn't deceive me completely it was somewhere around 2:46 seconds (you run faster when you're moving forward and to the side). 
One thing we have to do for sure is to restore the Time Trial mode to the original level! As for further into the future than that, who knows?

You were faster than me personally, and I've been playing this game for 7 weeks haha!


Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to update you if I get any better. I also noticed you go a lot faster if you kind of do a hopping side to side motion and you can skip the double jump part of the abilities room. If you ever need a tester before you put an update up then I'd be happy to help out! 



You can also jump out to the right after the fire room and skip the ice room, can be difficult bu doable for sure! Also gotta remember the Shift button, it can boost you quite a lot when you're in the air.

Good news, as of version 1.1.1, the Time Trial level is reset, it's uploaded and ready!


Try equipping the "Gibbs" and/or the "80s" for a true speedrun mode, if you can find them ;) 

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The plans for this game is to give it a bit more polish, add controller support and maybe online leaderboards, Then it's off to new adventures I guess! Maybe we'll take things out of this prototype and make it a full fletched game, who knows?
Edit: Just tried a run in the latest time trial mode (old abusable level) and got a time of 2:24!