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Aaaah I can't thank you enough for the wonderful game that you all created. The art, the voice acting and the audio were just tasteful. I liked the bittersweet ending but it left me craving for more. I was actually expecting a time traveling event after the credits where the protagonists return to the starting point before entering the village and where they keep all their memories only this time they will be prepared for what will happen and they will outsmart the true mastermind. Anari and Salome were both for me such intriguing characters and I wished to know their backgrounds more. All and all this game definitely deserves its 5 stars.

Also another question : is there a reason why Ilona is the only one with the pronoun "they" in the description ?


Thank you very much for your feedback!

I too would like to expand on this more! I would have to think about logistics first, but what you brought up is also what I have been pondering about. We'll try to keep fans updated on what we're doing.

As for Ilona using she/they pronouns: Good catch! For consistency in reading, we stuck with 'she'.  Even though Ilona is feminine-presenting, she is figuring out her gender identity and feels comfortable being referred to as 'they'.  

In dialogue, Ilona has either more angry or annoyed expressions when Anari consistently refers to Ilona as 'woman' or 'sister'. It's perhaps a bit too subtle, especially with Anari's typically hostile interactions!