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Aaaah I can't thank you enough for the wonderful game that you all created. The art, the voice acting and the audio were just tasteful. I liked the bittersweet ending but it left me craving for more. I was actually expecting a time traveling event after the credits where the protagonists return to the starting point before entering the village and where they keep all their memories only this time they will be prepared for what will happen and they will outsmart the true mastermind. Anari and Salome were both for me such intriguing characters and I wished to know their backgrounds more. All and all this game definitely deserves its 5 stars.

Also another question : is there a reason why Ilona is the only one with the pronoun "they" in the description ?

Okay thank you :)

Hello the game looks really good and promising but I couldn't change the display mode to full screen. Any way to fix this ?