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Well done! The texts are not just random, but tells a whole story. Is it possible to help Nancy or the sleeping Simon? (I hope I remembered the names)

I encountered a problem in the main menu after I won, neither play nor exit worked. Also, the exit button at the sleeping guy restarted his... dialog? I took a while to realize I had to click on the text :)

Keep up the great work!


Thank you! We tried telling a story with each character's personality. Sleeping Simon was put in to show the player to exit the conversation rather than selling him something, he won't give a correct item bonus for anything you sell (basically waste a item). Nancy, you are able to help on the first encounter but it was her personality to become scared of the player and keep leaving the shop. 

We're not too sure what's causing the issue in the menu, it seems that when the menu is reloaded the buttons become inactive. Sorry about that.  

Thank you for the kind words and feedback :)!