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Hi Devs and all you lovely people,

I've not been awake for long and i'm still bleary eyed and on my first coffeee of the day (before work) and I came across this.

Admittedly, at first all I thought to do was just to run around and for the first 3 minutes I was lost/confused/dazed/hungry then I realised you can smash the space bat to climb the mountain and get to the top and once at the top BAM! it's not the end BUT rather 2 suprises waiting for you.

The first one is the hanglider which lets you go flying around the map and admire the landscape and I've got to say, with the music, it was just so relaxing to fly around. You can disembark at any time by hitting the enter key.

The second surprise is the signposts, did anyone else see them? I'm not sure but I first found "Dank Mountain" then "Plank Peak" and wondered how many more signposts are out there and I also found "Sank Crater". They are ticked of as you find them, kinda like acheivements but how many signposts are in their total? Anyone know? no? I'm going to find out today.

Anyway, I did a video and here it is with no commentary and look out for the screensaver I will set going today. I'll will tag the screensaver on this comment but I will find a lovely spot to sit on for a couple of hours just to enjoy the scenery and the fireflies and not forgetting the music.

Could you add a map DEVS?

This made my day.


As ever, all videos are posted to social media.

Hey, thanks so much for playing and secret hunting! I can't remember the exact number of signposts, but there's at least 6 to find. I don't have plans to release any updates right now, since this was an 8-hour game jam game, but if we work on it again I'll consider adding a map!