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Yet another odd game by one of my favorite indie devs! This one was a little harder to understand what was going on than your other games, and I was unsure if I really made it to the end of the demo (also not unlike your other games lolol) but I had a blast playing it. It was definitely a trip and it sent my mind for a loop all the way through! I've seen screenshots of some of your WiP stages for this game and I'm super excited. This low-poly horror style of games is gold and I think you're nailing it. You have a crazy good artistic ability in creating an atmosphere and visuals in your games. I can't wait to see more! Thanks for making this!

Thank you so much! I've been seeing a lot of confusion from people playing the demo, even though there is supposed to be some I think I made it a little too obtuse. I thought about adding a run button, but for now I'm just increasing the base move speed. Thanks again for playing and for making these videos, I enjoy watching them!