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Day 8

I got some time to work on this today! I was able to get my point hoops into the game. I was also able to add some new sprites into the game. I updated the code to take care of the speed up and points aggregation. 

The goal for tomorrow will be to seperate out how close the obstacles and hoops can get to each other. They're all bundled up as it is right now. The next big part I plan to build out tomorrow will be the incoming object meter. It will tell the player the type of incoming object like green hoop, blue hoop, or obstacle by a color and a distance. For example an obstacle will show up as red with a countdown of how many meters left to get to the player.

Thanks for reading! If you guys have ideas let me know.

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Wow, that's some solid development - I love that water effect you got going on there

What are you using to build this game?