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Hi there ^^ Sure, idm at all - thank you so much in advance for playing & hope you enjoy it!! Feel free to check out my other game “A Conscious Decision” as well - it also has elements of psychological horror & it’s much longer than this game haha XD
p.s. Subscribed to your youtube channel!

I actually picked that up the other day! I can't wait to play both of them!! And thank you for the subscription! 

Here's my Gameplay/commentary for you! I loved playing this so much!  

Wow, thank you so much - really really glad you loved the game!! And it was awesome how you managed to make the deduction about the choice question :D

It had me for a moment, but in the end I figured out the thing and I loved it so much!!! I live for games that make you think. I know my channel is centered around horror, but whats more horrible and scary then the human mind ya know? And your games really pick up on it!!! 


Yup, I like to create games centred around psychological elements/horror to reflect the human psyche & contrast the bad & good of human nature :) Super happy that you were able to pick up the message each game was trying to convey & really appreciate the effort you take to make all those gameplay videos (thank you so much for playing both Lyla & A Conscious Decision!!) Keep up the awesome videos :D

Thank you! I also played Passers-By and I enjoyed it too!! I can't wait to see what comes next from you!!!!

Ohh nice, did you manage to find the third hidden end? ;)

I did not! I was really confused by it to be honest ^_^'


Hahaha it's meant to be confusing XD "lies=false. Seek the truth." is actually a clue as to what you have to do to find the hidden end.
Open script.rpy in notepad, change the first lies=true you see to lies=false, save the file & restart the game again. Then, see what happens!