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I just downloaded it, I'm not sure when the video will be released, but it should be some time next week. 

I love this game so much!!

Here is the end of the game. Hope you all enjoy it ^_^

I noticed! I think I got the "Good" ending, but I didnt record the other endings (tbh I havent played them yet)
The second part comes out tomorrow because I love how Meta it is

Here's Part 1 of my playthrough of the game. Part 2 coming soon!
I really love this game so far, and I cant wait to see how it ends!!

I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! Lemme explain it, from the atmosphere to not being able to move, only watch and listen? Thats a beautiful thing, and tbh, more horror games should try this approach VS jumpscares every 5 seconds

I loved Her Lullaby, and couldnt resist playing the sequel. This is only Part one of the game, but I cant wait to see it all the way through!!

I LOVE THIS GAME!! I cannot wait to see the next parts and learn how MJ is still alive! 

Thanks! I'll look into it ^_^

So I went to download the Mac version of the game, and my computer won't open the .rar file, do you know which app I could use or any way to open it?

I will do that thank you!!!

I did not! I was really confused by it to be honest ^_^'

I understand that you guys aren't psychiatrists, I just thought the game was super interesting! And I had some good fun getting lost!

I loved playing this game so much! Thank you guys so much for this amazing game!!!

Thank you! I also played Passers-By and I enjoyed it too!! I can't wait to see what comes next from you!!!!

The video will be up at 12pm EST, but I'll link it here at the same time! I had a lot of fun and the ending is awesome! I did get lost though lol...

This looks really interesting! I'll play it on my channel and I'll post the link tomorrow! I'm really intrigued!! 

It had me for a moment, but in the end I figured out the thing and I loved it so much!!! I live for games that make you think. I know my channel is centered around horror, but whats more horrible and scary then the human mind ya know? And your games really pick up on it!!! 

Here's my Gameplay/commentary for you! I loved playing this so much!  

I actually picked that up the other day! I can't wait to play both of them!! And thank you for the subscription! 

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Hey there. I found you're game right when you uploaded it and tomorrow I'd like to make a youtube video out of it. I hope you don't mind! I'm really excited to play, and my link is I can't wait to see what's in store!!!