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Fixed it!

the video corrupted. Will rerecord tonight. Sorry!

I just got done recording this, and I'll tell ya what, I loved every bit of it. The video will be out at 12pm EST and yes, I'll link it here. Thanks for another riveting game!

I cannot wait to play this! It looks cool!

I couldn't finish the game....But I loved it all the same! Also, 10/10 amazing audio.

I had a lot of fun making this video. I've played it a few nmore times just to see the different endings and I'm always pleasently amazed by it!

I finished the game not to long ago. Nothing really happened. Also, I had a good laugh. 100/10 need Dia 2. Theres just gotta be more!

Im not quite done with this game, but I wont lie and say Im not scared shitless either.

I cant wait to learn the hidden truths of the game
There was nothing there. Nothing to Fear. And I love it

It is. I dont think I warmed up enough so that happened lol. Thanks for uploading the game when you did, it was really refreshing to play!

Thanks for watching! I am wondering why when I tried to quit that Microsoft tried to open an application, are there hidden files for the game?
I really enjoyed the story and I hope that you guys will keep up the amazing work!

Lemme tell you I was so intralled by this game. I couldn't even commentate because I was so sucked in. 10000/10 amazing story writing. 

I didn't lie. And yet, I was still consumed

I really enjoyed playing this game!! Its very different and its very re-playable. My only issue is that I had a hard time seing it because the red is a tad to dark. other than that, 9/10

I really loved this game! I hope there will be more coming through for the story!!

Thanks for the kind comment, but I'm not 1005 sure if I did play it and idk if I can handle burning child again....

For not being good at platform games, I had a LOT of fun playing this. I just wish I could understand the story more. But it's an overall fun game to play!

I played this. I enjoyed it. Not much else to say.

I'm not sure if I played the entire game, but I hope I can learn more about the story!!!

I agree in the rush, it's fairly obvious. But I loved the begining. I still enjoyed some of it

I wont lie...I didnt like the ending. But the first little bit had me interested to the point where I stopped doing commentary and zoned into the story...The last little bit...just didnt hold my attention well

I just redownloaded it and it worked! Cant wait to see the spooks in store! :D

The error is still there

Sure give me an hour or so and I'll let ya know ^_^

So Ive downloaded the game twice and I get a script error....What can I do to fix it?

This is my livestream recording of the game, I had a lot of fun!! It was short and sweet and fun AF! Very charming!

I'll be streaming this in 20 mins, and when I'm done I'll post the link here! I hope it's a good game

Oh I loved every bit of it. And yeah the controls may be wonky, but thats part of the charm tbh

Of course! It's a brilliant game and I hope more people play it!

My voice gave up, but I might od another playthrough off video, its such a great game!!!

I loved this game a lot. The story took me a second to figure out, but it was worth it!

So I just played this...I'm very...disturbed to say the least...I'm not even sure if I can upload this because...Wow ya know?I do think you have a great concept, and if disturbing was what you were going for, ya got there! Good job! I'm just...not sure if I should upload this to YT sorry

Please let me know when the next prototype is out. I just love this game so much and I really am excited for the full game!!!!!