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You got to the last level before the end of the frog levels(there's only one other level after it also, so you didnt miss much); That's pretty good :) 

I see what you mean about the leaps of faith.. The moving platform level you're talking about is probably the least playtested level, so I'm not too surprised. I'll work on it some more and keep it in mind for future levels. I might also increase the default resolution to help see further.

You bring a point I didn't think about there with the diagonal keys.. I added them mostly with the controllers in mind. I thought some people might find it more precise to have buttons binded to each diagonals. For the keyboard I don't think they're as useful. I'll see what I can do.

Thank you a lot for the feedback! I really hope the game wasnt too frustrating. I know I struggle a lot with difficulty..

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Okay, so, I managed to beat the demo (after many deaths on the moving platform-aura room) and I think I figured out what was tripping me up so much.

In that one particular room, there are lots of little platforms scattered around and along the bottom of the stage. Because of this, I thought I had to go under everything, which ended up causing me to die a whole lot, when really the easier path is to go above everything. Also, there aren't any checkpoints in that room, so any mistake was effectively a reset (although the room was fairly small, so it wasn't too bad once I figured out what to do). 

The controls feel much better by the way! Thank you for taking my thoughts into account!