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Ok great :). I understand your objection. Some time ago I had the free version also available here on, but I changed that, as I now have my own webserver. Having everything on my own website gives me full control and makes it easier for me to manage files. I am thinking long term and I believe ultimately the user will also greatly benefit from that, although the website is yet very basic. So I decided to use only as payment provider which it is very good for. But however I am experimenting around, so this is no definitive decision, I may change it again...

So, why not exactly have it here & on gamejolt? I feel like you still have control over your files, such as updating and or removing them like you, and also why not have in big text near the beginning that it is not going to be available for itchio or gamejolt? Would solve some confusing, and why not spread out your games to here, gamejolt and steam? I don't get why your having it for your site only, instead of spreading it to popular sites like this and gamejolt. Sure, it may be easier for you to control your files, but your spreading yourself thin, no offense. Just some of my thoughts on your reply.

Well I don't want to explain everything in detail and as I said I am just experimenting. Actually I maybe put the free version back on & GameJolt, because ultimately its about spreading the game, as you said. Currently I am having some trouble with the site anyway. Thanks for your input :)