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I've not made it very obvious - sorry! If you're using the shredder it is expecting to get a signal from a USB device (it expects to get a keypress of \ and | at the same time). I'm thinking to add instructions on how to build one before it's out of beta.

You probably want to start a new file and select "bin" at the beginning. Maybe I should make the bin default as most people aren't going to have a custom-built shredder 😅

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)

Thank you so much.  I just kept skipping chapters.  Thank you. 

Thanks very much for asking :) It's really helpful!

What if i don`t own a shredder, and its difficult to acquire one (not to mention i find it a waste of money for a singular interactive game)?


Heya :) To play at home you can use a waste paper bin. At the beginning it asks you what you have and will make the shredder character match that object