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NeonTail_DevLog09 (July 14th, 2018)

Hi, for this week' #screenshotsaturday I got 2 new characters, one is made from another character base and the other a remodeling of style. I'd like to add a big flashy plastic belt to the new girl but I keep on wanting stuff and time is rolling, so I'll see that later.
Other than that invisible bugs fixed, again on wallruns and on landing. Unsurprisingly, new bugs appeared, like when landing the turning animation blend is wrong.
There's also that other animation transition bug from skating to idle that you can see in this video. I'll try to fix those quickly.
Anyway my characters are a bit all samish because I lazily used the same bases to save time, so next week I'll try to model an NPC that will have its own unique look.
A kid, a fat bearded dude, or an old groovy grandma maybe? 

Have a nice week end!