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Hey, folks. Sorry for the long silence. I ended up not needing Tee-Wee myself after all, so kinda set it aside. Been working on another thing, but once it's released I hope to pick up this baby again and give it a bit of a refresh, including access to the options field in metadata. Thanks for the patience!


It works well as is.  While there are maybe some "feature request" things, it seems to not have any actual bugs at this point.

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That's great news! I'll stick to making small changes then. Let me know what else you need.

Edit: by the way, I had another complaint about the looks. Should I give Tee-Wee a facelift? It would be a bit of work, but it probably can't break anything.


I think that it could use a facelift, but I'm more for functionality than looking good.  So, if it's mostly a re-skinning?  Sure, but if it would require looking at how you're accomplishing certain functions, wait until you have some serious time to focus on it.