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I'm finding the that the Linux version is giving, "there is no data folder" when I launch directly.  

Very interesting...  

This really hit pretty hard on what this is supposed to be.  Well, for us.  It really felt like because it wasn't really explaining things, but just put you there...  I did kind of get some sense of a connection with Undertale.  Even though the game design is quite different.  

I found this amazingly bang on.  Thank you so much for creating this.  

The Linux version doesn't seem to have the .pck included.  

For us, this downloads fine, but because it doesn't have a .html extension it needs to be given it.  Then it works fine.  I'd suggest fixing that.  

I have been using LiberaPay for a while (started using it just before the issues with (I think) MangoPay happened) and because of their dealing with stuff with MangoPay, they went through some process that they found that they were not able to offer a "wallet" system, any more.  I'm not quite sure what the issue really was, but in essence in order for them to *legally* be able to offer a wallet system, they would have to be declared a bank in at least one country, and quite possibly in a country which deals with any currency they deal with.  

I have no idea which project would be considered to be more capable of handling this.  I'd really wish there was a way that it could at the very least be a short term option, ie. with Patreon (which I also deal with) they allow the possibility to pay out to the creators you support, with the money you make from the supporters who support you).  

If that were an option, and they could say, "money not paid out within X days, reverts to" or something it would be something that could work out reasonably well.  I'd *love* to have that X be 90 days (not that I'm doing stuff here that would make it an issue).  I think the problem with that, is that it would require setting up some accounting to deal with figuring out how long, "that" money has been in the account.  

I do think that the problem is *probably* a matter of it not being a priority.  Though there are technical/legal concerns that do come up which would need to be addressed in any such system.  

I noticed that land acknowledgement is essentially the same as what I see in a group I have stepped aside from (not sure why exactly, but I think the focus has been not as we'd hoped, at least how we participate).  

I could see that it was a bug in this version, I just was, "oh this bug exists, I wonder if it could be leveraged into game play?"  It felt like it could be a way that you could move a snail to somewhere else on the map than where they are restricted to without it.  It's a bit different in terms of game play, but I rather like it as it exists.  

I quite like it, I have ended up "flipping" the snails a couple of times, no idea how I've done that, but it could be an interesting game feature, or it could be just a bug.  I don't think it is currently intentional, but if it were to become an intentional thing, it could be interesting to see what you do with that.  

I have noticed that with the not signed versions of the macOS or OS X files, while I think they run (I'll have to test) that we have to go pretty deep in the "install unsafe software" in order to install them.  I am hoping to eventually be able to afford the license so that I can be producing signed versions.  

If you donate for the games, and especially if you let me know what platform you're using, I can think more about that.  I could pay for it, but I'm not sure I'm ready to justify it yet.

I'd like to create new assets that are my own for this.  

Well, this is pretty cool...  

The "assets" were all included in the tutorial.  Pretty much my contribution was looking at the coding of the game.  

It seems to be working for someone else on iOS.  But still not found a way to get it to work on the iPad.  

I could adjust how the "undo" and "redo" buttons show up.  But I kind of like some of how the breadcrumbs can work.  

I'm going to look at putting a version of this up which will have no wrapper to see if that will make a difference for this.  I'm not sure if it will or not.  

I am looking at this right now, and when I use my computer, it seems that there are ways to make it go back.  But I can see that it wasn't working for you (and I couldn't find it sitting beside you).  I'll need to do some testing to see if there is a problem that just needs a minor fix, or if there is a function I will need to add in order to have ways of going back.  While it "develops" as a tree with a single root, I'm not sure how best to do the "breadcumbs" as it won't nescesarilly be that you can only go one route from the root to a given page.  In fact, I believe currently there are at least a few that will allow you to get to in different ways.  

Hi, I'm  not sure if I don't understand the gameplay or what, but on Linux the x86_64 build loads, but I have no control, and on the x86 version I have control, but it feels too "random".  Is there some place that some settings can be found?  I like the looks of the game from the screen shots, but I can't play it because anything I do jumps to a sudden frame change, and this won't work for me (it could be designed that way).