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I really love the music that you have here.  Just caught it on the YouTube, and it really is great music...  

I was wondering the same thing.  Right now I know what platform I want it for, and I want to give it a try.  So over to GOG I go (because steam and epic have Windows and Mac it looks like, and GOG has all three).

I'd much rather get it on itch, as it's the place I most want to get my games from.  But it seems for some reason, bigger games just don't end up showing up on all platforms here.  Even when they are available for all platforms. 

This is pretty exciting.  I think this is the game that got me over to  

Still keep getting myself beat up, but I'm having fun, so I've gone over to Kickstarter to put my pledge in.  Hope it all goes well.  

Controller support seems a bit odd as the digital stick right and left, look up and down.  Not sure why that is.  Unless my controller is misconfigured.  It's a Logitech F310...  On Linux.  

Yeah, the "no systems to test builds on" is a pretty reasonable reason for not releasing unless you see that you have people interested.  It's hard to really figure out why a build is broken, when you can't test things in pretty rapid succession.  

Just looked at trying to get this to work on my Linux box through Wine, and I couldn't even load it.  This is an issue I've seen with other games with the DLLs.  I haven't found a solution for it yet.  

I'm not sure if you can build it for Linux, but if so, I'd sure appreciate it.  

I'll take a look.  I just had to log out and back in because my system borked when trying a new to me game...  

It looks like the options field isn't available in the metadata.  I'd rather have something like that anyway, rather than having something specific to a single feature.  

And, it appears that I have problems with what files got attached...  

I'm not sure if this works with other formats, but with working with Chapbook, I have discovered that we can enable debugging by adding the `options="debug"` when running a story.  I'm not sure if you'd want to have a "publish" and a "debug" button.  It doesn't work if you're using the 1.1.0 micro format (as expected, as that's the code that was removed to make it smaller), but if you don't use that smaller format, it works from what I can tell the same as the test button in the Twine editor.  

I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti using nouveau drivers.  Though I might just give up on getting them to work well.  In some cases they work far better than the NVIDIA drivers.  

I'm having trouble with getting this to run in a way that's enjoyable to play on my Gentoo Linux machine.  It seems that even when I'm not high load, it's just not at all smooth.  

The last time I tried playing, it actually crashed.  It seems like it could be a great game if it wasn't frustrating to play.  

There might be some setting thing that I haven't considered that might make it more playable.  

It may mean re-writing or something.  I guess of course I can edit, then publish with Tweego...  It gives me more that I'll be just thinking about with the other one I want to work with.  I can certainly continue with this one.  If I can find the focus...  Maybe later today...  I hope...

Not much about Tee-Wee in there at this time, but I have to say that it works really well with Chapbook, but I've not had success with other formats yet.  I have tried the Tweego provided formats, and they seem to all fail on the load of the format.  I'll throw dialogue (I think a previous version was throwing an error).  It looks like there is some issue (just looking at two of the Harlowe formats) is the </html> tag location (both of them are having an issue with that).

Oh...  Um...  It's only the Harlowe formats that are failing.  

There's some information about Twine that can be a starting point, but you're going to need to find a format (Chapbook works well for me, link is also there) to use, if you want to publish with this.

It took me a bit to figure out how to get it working, but I now have it working quite well, and have a story of ~2500 words, that will be expanded at least somewhat.  

This is working fairly well, though I'm not sure if it's resulting in problems with my local Twine with having the story in the Twine directory.  

I have tried to run Twine after having saved to that directory, so I'm not sure if that might be a problem.  I will test further.  

Yes, it appears that Twine isn't really liking having the version from Tee-Wee in the source directory, and so far it's having trouble importing it.  

I'm on Linux, the Windows binary might work, but I'd love to try a native Linux version...  

Been playing on Linux, so glad that it's available.  This is fantastic.  Sometimes it seems a little slow.  I'm not sure if it is a graphics thing, or prossessor.  I'm going to give a look to see if my friend was having similar issues on her Windows machine.  

Watching a stream, and if it looks good, I'll probably buy...  


Really interesting...  I like the concept.  If you decide, I'd love to see more levels.  

OK, it certainly gets that across.  I think I need to mostly deal with some of the chaos, and most of that is just weathering it.  

I really hope that the intention is how saying, "I'm not OK" is so shunned, because that's what I got out of it.  But I'm not OK right now...

I hadn't even considered that it might be an issue with the processor.  It does seem that there are possibilities that it would not really work with a standard x86_64 or AMD64 build (more or less the same, but somewhat different).  I don't really know if our laptop would work, and it *seems* like a lot of the chromebooks are similar processors (eek).  

Did a bit of looking.  It doesn't look like it is as simple as it could be.  It looks like it would be just downloading, and then running that.  Which for someone who, "needs an app" probably wouldn't work.  

A friend was saying that they "need an app" for their Chrome Book, I'm not sure if you have any knowledge about whether the app is available to make this really extra easy for such people?

I'm trying to run this on Linux, and so far I've found a binary, but it fails with:

error while loading shared libraries:

Which I'm not really sure how to handle, as it looks like to fix system wide probably would require downgrading.  

But the thing is, I've found that once you fix one of these, it means you often have other missing or wrong version libraries to handle.  

I probably could fix it, but I just am not sure how to approach it.  I see other games have a version which looks like it might work.  

The Linux version I just have looks like it's a Windows version.  I could (try) run it in Wine, but doesn't really handle that.  

I've also found that running stuff in Wine can be a pain to get to work correctly.  I had tried other ways of handling that (there was a game management system that showed some promise that I tried because someone I knew was asking).  

In the app it fails to launch, and I can't see immediately anything to do other than try to run it in Wine.  

It is looking for a `Data` directory, copying from the Windows doesn't work, because it's looking for a .so library in there as well.  

I'm starting to think that the best way (I don't like it, and it feels hugely kludgey) is to just run the Windows version under Wine.  

This seems to be what a lot of the engine and platform providers think is, "providing Linux support".  Make sure that there is a wine version it works with.  

It appears to still be doing so.  At least through the app.  All I see showing up in the installed version is a .x86_64 binary executable.  I think I could download from another version and see if that ends up working.  

I'm finding the that the Linux version is giving, "there is no data folder" when I launch directly.  

Very interesting...  

This really hit pretty hard on what this is supposed to be.  Well, for us.  It really felt like because it wasn't really explaining things, but just put you there...  I did kind of get some sense of a connection with Undertale.  Even though the game design is quite different.  

I found this amazingly bang on.  Thank you so much for creating this.  

The Linux version doesn't seem to have the .pck included.  

For us, this downloads fine, but because it doesn't have a .html extension it needs to be given it.  Then it works fine.  I'd suggest fixing that.  

I have been using LiberaPay for a while (started using it just before the issues with (I think) MangoPay happened) and because of their dealing with stuff with MangoPay, they went through some process that they found that they were not able to offer a "wallet" system, any more.  I'm not quite sure what the issue really was, but in essence in order for them to *legally* be able to offer a wallet system, they would have to be declared a bank in at least one country, and quite possibly in a country which deals with any currency they deal with.  

I have no idea which project would be considered to be more capable of handling this.  I'd really wish there was a way that it could at the very least be a short term option, ie. with Patreon (which I also deal with) they allow the possibility to pay out to the creators you support, with the money you make from the supporters who support you).  

If that were an option, and they could say, "money not paid out within X days, reverts to" or something it would be something that could work out reasonably well.  I'd *love* to have that X be 90 days (not that I'm doing stuff here that would make it an issue).  I think the problem with that, is that it would require setting up some accounting to deal with figuring out how long, "that" money has been in the account.  

I do think that the problem is *probably* a matter of it not being a priority.  Though there are technical/legal concerns that do come up which would need to be addressed in any such system.  

I could see that it was a bug in this version, I just was, "oh this bug exists, I wonder if it could be leveraged into game play?"  It felt like it could be a way that you could move a snail to somewhere else on the map than where they are restricted to without it.  It's a bit different in terms of game play, but I rather like it as it exists.  

I quite like it, I have ended up "flipping" the snails a couple of times, no idea how I've done that, but it could be an interesting game feature, or it could be just a bug.  I don't think it is currently intentional, but if it were to become an intentional thing, it could be interesting to see what you do with that.