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I feel that there is not likely to be any updates. I commented about 10 months ago, that I’d like to see a new version with some things fixed, and commented that the latest release (at that time) was a year ago. If the developer is “active” in the sense that they are around and able to do stuff, and are getting notifications, it seems that they are not actually looking to “respond” to the desire to see some stuff at the very least fixed with the current build. There could well be a reason for that. Like… Is there a problem with updating it, as the engine used, is no longer available to them? If so, I can totally see why it wouldn’t be updated, because it would probably need to be (at least) totally refactored in order to get it to build even this level again.

Would you have to totally rework this, in order to get it to run without Flash? If you built it specifically as a Flash game, I totally get it, but if you’re exporting from some game engine, as a Flash game, it should be possible to export it as some other format (though it may require refactoring in order to do so).

The download is a .apk and it indicates that it is for windows and android. .apk isn’t supported by Windows, so I guess this isn’t really something that works for Windows (at least directly). I know there are claims to be able to run .apks but so far, I haven’t found any way that really works. Well, that works at all. I guess I wasn’t paying attention.

Still quite like it. Even if it is more game, than tool for me.

Thank you. It wasn’t a problem, it just was it seemed to be doing something not intended.

It is a neat idea, but in terms of it serving as a Pomodoro timer it seems it may actually work for a lot of people in “not recommended ways”. Ie. Rather than it being a timer in the corner to ignore, it becomes something of itself.

Which meant for me, it was a fun not quite idle game…

It seems to have flooded…


“Can I update my game when you finish the game jam” is a technical question of so if I know that, I would ask that in the general community. And to answer that… Your game project is your game project.

So. It really doesn’t make sense. What I really want to ask is about the jam. It is about how you want your jam to run.

It just seems you want your jam to just not run. It right sucks because I’d love to see someone actively promoting what this game jam is supposed to be doing.

I asked almost 90 days ago, and then you respond now… I guess I get why you have the long jam time… I was really asking if a person should just create a game/project and throw updates up while the jam progresses.

But it doesn’t really matter. My inspiration has turned into nothing and honestly I think I’m the only person in the jam.

I’m not really sure how to answer this. It seems that the term gachi covers a few different concepts, and some are “probably NSFW” and others are, “quite likely not NSFW, unless there’s something else” there. I’m seeing content which goes from gambling, gay porn, muscular (men?), so… it can be tricky to know what you are meaning. I’ve not really even dug that deeply into it, just enough to see that the meaning can be several different things.

I would say, tagging it NSFW if you are concerned that it should be, is not really a problem. And I’m not sure that if you’re willing to lean toward that, but feel it probably isn’t, not tagging it, and finding out later that maybe it should have been is a big problem. Personally, I would lean more toward tagging it as NSFW if that might be where it belongs. But that’s because I have seen people get up in arms that “kids are learning these terrible things in school these days” and the “terrible things” are often informed content about “if you’re going to engage in X activity, do so safely.”

There seem to be a few bugs/issues. You apparently can’t play as a girl. It seems like going certain places no matter how you play, leave you “Stuck” in a state that you can’t move forward with the game. It looks like one version was released somewhere around a year ago. Would someone like to work on this, I may be willing to put some time in either looking at where the bugs are, or actually fixing them if we can find a way to actually do that collaberatively. Good luck. Would love to see this work out, looks like a game which could be really fun if people didn’t run into breaking bugs.

The one which I got working seems to no longer be on my machine.  I have looked at the "alicia" model which is in openseeface-gd it will crash VTuberWebcam and Blender seems to not be able to import it.  I'm not sure if that project is working with Godot 3.4 official release.  I ran into an error with it when I tried.  

I'll look at these other exporters.

The other tools could be useful to.

Thank you.  

VTuberWebcam community · Created a new topic VRM Debugging

The supplied xbot.vrm seems to work consistently.  When it's not working, it seems like there's some issue with grabbing, or starting the camera.  

I have tried to use other models. 

One which I found a more "full" model that I could download (legally, though really only done for testing purposes before looking at paying for one), which ended up deeply skewed.  But the geometry seemed to be there/displayed.

Another after trying to edit the xbot.vrm through Blender, and exporting it as a vrm.  This ended up with missing geometry/undisplayed (transparent) geometry.  

Another where I imported and re-exported the xbot.vrm with the same issue with the "missing geometry".  

I'm not sure where to go in order to upgrade from that working model, to be able to figure out why other ones are not working.  

Probably not until I go and start working on a Twine project.

I guess I should upgrade then...  :D

Just wondering how you want to handle the submission of projects.  I think that when a project is submitted, it can still be updated without having to change the submission.  I have a currently working game, but it's a good way from being "complete" (in fact, I suspect this type of game probably never really becomes entirely complete, at least if there's people easily able to update them).  Cookie Clicker I understand is still getting updates (though I understand it got refactored to a new version, and the old version is largely getting bug fixes).  Trimps is another game that I think is getting updates, though it's fully launched...

I'm not certain that the submitted game gets updated or not.  I'm thinking of setting up to publish my game shortly.  

Yes, that's been a huge thing for me.  Anyone I talked to about it would say, "yeah it's easy" and then I couldn't even really see how to start without trying to do stuff either in a virtual machine or WINE.  Or I could always just try to do it on the Windows machine.

I know this is oldish...  But durn...  While it doesn't surprise me, it is yet another reason I can add to my list of, "Apple, why you ...?"  With that thought, is your code compatible with running on Windows?  My *guess* is that probably yes.

VTuberWebcam community · Created a new topic Thank you...

I want to say that I find this to be a really great project.  I spent most of the day trying to get I think OpenFace-GD working.  And I have given up, as it seemed like I would have to refactor a huge amount of code in facetracker-core or sacrifice and go with an older version of opencv or something in order to get it to work (maybe I would have to sacrifice my g++ I wasn't entirely sure *why* I was getting the pile of errors, and I wasn't finding anything...

So, I gave up on that (at least for now) and ended up trying this project, which ended up just working.  Sure I did a lot of tweaking, and really would like to use a different model.  But darn, out of the box this worked, and honestly...  The tweaking was more to better understand how everything is working.  It at the very least gets things started...

Now...  I'm off to see what else is in the community...

What I was doing probably would work for the Tweego compiler as well.  But throwing a flag on your compile is *way* easier.  

I think that it could use a facelift, but I'm more for functionality than looking good.  So, if it's mostly a re-skinning?  Sure, but if it would require looking at how you're accomplishing certain functions, wait until you have some serious time to focus on it.

It works well as is.  While there are maybe some "feature request" things, it seems to not have any actual bugs at this point.

When I look, at my chapbook.html I have:


It looks like it needs a relatively small edit to the output file putting `options="debug"` in the `<tw-storydata>` seems to do it.

as the explanation so you would put the attribute `options="debug"` in the <tw-storydata> element.  It's a bit of a manual fix, but it probably can be automated somewhat.  There probably already is an options attribute.  So just add the debug option.

Still not checked them out.  Is that a WoC platform?  I'm *somewhat* familiar with the rules, from watching people play, but not enough so that I would ever catch a mistake.  

This seriously intrigues me.  Of course my first question is....  "What??!!?!??!"  But not like ... let's just download and see what we've got...

OK, thanks for the response.  I guess while I was aware of a lot of that, I just didn't see why it mattered.  But that's OK.  

That may be possible. But I don't believe the full game is on right now.  And since they aren't really overlapping stories (well there's some overlap) I kind of think both stand on their own.  Of course, it's just my opinion, and the developer is free to do whatever they like.  

Am I missing something?  This is how I found this game, and have been telling people that this is where they can try the demo (but hadn't checked to see if it was here) but I don't see any downloads here.

Have you removed the downloads?  And may I ask why you haven't released the full game on itch?  That's more a curiosity thing, because I've seen other developers launch the game here, post a decent playable demo, then... when it's released, they don't have the game here in the released form.

I've got the Windows version working enough on my computer.  Though I'm not sure it's working correctly.  Most of what I'm seeing is black.  

Really quite impressed with this.  Quite fun.  

I think I should do a bit of an update on the community copies thing.  I wasn't aware I could test it myself.  Two different people told me, "it works" but I wasn't seeing any copies which actually had been claimed.  So briefly...

You can click on 'claim copy' and then either put a price in which is at least $3.00 (I'm not sure if that's the minimum amount that Itch will process, or if it's because that's what the minimum purchase price is), or click on "no thanks, just take me to the downloads".  Once you have done one or the other you have it officially purchased.  

But...  I do want to do a proper "Development Log" of obtaining the community copies.  As well as a fuller one of setting it up.  

Also thank you everyone who tried it out, and finally my testing it on my own.  And yeah, I now own a copy of my own zine here.  

I really love the music that you have here.  Just caught it on the YouTube, and it really is great music...  

I was wondering the same thing.  Right now I know what platform I want it for, and I want to give it a try.  So over to GOG I go (because steam and epic have Windows and Mac it looks like, and GOG has all three).

I'd much rather get it on itch, as it's the place I most want to get my games from.  But it seems for some reason, bigger games just don't end up showing up on all platforms here.  Even when they are available for all platforms. 

This is pretty exciting.  I think this is the game that got me over to  

Still keep getting myself beat up, but I'm having fun, so I've gone over to Kickstarter to put my pledge in.  Hope it all goes well.  

Controller support seems a bit odd as the digital stick right and left, look up and down.  Not sure why that is.  Unless my controller is misconfigured.  It's a Logitech F310...  On Linux.  

Yeah, the "no systems to test builds on" is a pretty reasonable reason for not releasing unless you see that you have people interested.  It's hard to really figure out why a build is broken, when you can't test things in pretty rapid succession.  

Just looked at trying to get this to work on my Linux box through Wine, and I couldn't even load it.  This is an issue I've seen with other games with the DLLs.  I haven't found a solution for it yet.  

I'm not sure if you can build it for Linux, but if so, I'd sure appreciate it.  

I'll take a look.  I just had to log out and back in because my system borked when trying a new to me game...  

It looks like the options field isn't available in the metadata.  I'd rather have something like that anyway, rather than having something specific to a single feature.  

And, it appears that I have problems with what files got attached...  

I'm not sure if this works with other formats, but with working with Chapbook, I have discovered that we can enable debugging by adding the `options="debug"` when running a story.  I'm not sure if you'd want to have a "publish" and a "debug" button.  It doesn't work if you're using the 1.1.0 micro format (as expected, as that's the code that was removed to make it smaller), but if you don't use that smaller format, it works from what I can tell the same as the test button in the Twine editor.