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It's a fun little game and it rememinds me a ton of Binding of Issac! Gameplay wise, most everything feels really solid and I love the mechanic of your dice roll determines your power in each room! The only problems I have are that the game is stuck at a bad resolution, I can't even read the tutorials because they're off the screen and there's no option to change it. The map generator also could use some work, I kept running into doorways that were actually just walls and at one point I just couldn't get through a doorway that wasn't blacked out but then my head just started levitating through it so I threw and just teleported to it so I could get through (pretty nice when 2 bugs cancel eachother lol). and my last thing, probably the only real problem I have is that there's no background music. I makes the downtime when you have to run around to find another room very boring to just be in silence. But I understand this game is a very early build and I'm sure those things will get pathed in time, just wanted to bring them to your attention. I had a blast playing though and I'm looking forward to playing more in the future! Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

Thanks for the feedback and the video! We're glad you enjoyed the game and we'll look over the map generation and the physics of the dice head ^^

Regarding the resolution problem, what resolution are you playing in?