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As much 'fun' as VR would be with this, the distance to go from one side to the other gets very long.  The jumping and running that takes place would become likely vomit inducing.  Another version of this game would be very interesting (based around standing in a more confined area).  However I'm not sure how well a VR adaption of this would do in terms of just not making people sick as it is set up now.

I think using a teleportation mechanic like The Lab, Budget Cuts, Talos Principle etc. would be the way to go - just limit the distance you can travel with a 'jump' teleport as some constant * your height. It doesn't need an in-world explanation, I think - teleportation is just the bog-standard VR movement mechanic 🙂

I only just got a VR setup and even so a couple days ago I was like "I'm sure there was this time-limited VR puzzle game where you got smaller and smaller and had to mix up chemicals, where is it in my steam library?".. hah! Your game must be pretty good if I thought I'd already played it in VR!