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this is a really rad game I’d love to see fleshed out with some more features in a sequel / deluxe edition (same kinda way you did soko loco), if the inspiration strikes. Well worth the $3 as-is, but I’d love to see a $10 or even $15 version of this game. 

Private multiplayer (I know, big ask!) and a bit more variety in maps and units are the main things I’m after. 

try launching the game via Steam if you have it - Steam Big Picture mode can (in some circumstances, when the planets and the stars align in just the right way) act as a driver for your controller(s)

I think using a teleportation mechanic like The Lab, Budget Cuts, Talos Principle etc. would be the way to go - just limit the distance you can travel with a 'jump' teleport as some constant * your height. It doesn't need an in-world explanation, I think - teleportation is just the bog-standard VR movement mechanic 🙂

I only just got a VR setup and even so a couple days ago I was like "I'm sure there was this time-limited VR puzzle game where you got smaller and smaller and had to mix up chemicals, where is it in my steam library?".. hah! Your game must be pretty good if I thought I'd already played it in VR!

so cute! I love the concept and sound design as well as the artwork :-)