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As much 'fun' as VR would be with this, the distance to go from one side to the other gets very long.  The jumping and running that takes place would become likely vomit inducing.  Another version of this game would be very interesting (based around standing in a more confined area).  However I'm not sure how well a VR adaption of this would do in terms of just not making people sick as it is set up now.

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This game has the most potential of anything I have seen recently.  (More edits) Looks like the update lets you set your own pace.  Some great presets for suggested challenge.  Love it!

Editing my list of things I would love to see away since creators have provided a lot of it!  (They're doing amazing for a grey-box game)

Credit goes to the creator for keeping it so focused on gameplay with good jumping and puzzle system.  I can't wait for this to be expanded in some way.  All the pieces in place are amazing and hats off.  So much potential.  I'll be following this very closely.