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I think this one tops the first one! I liked the switches from the house to the cellar, the cutscenes were really good, and there's controller support!! My only issues are that there's no items other than assignments and the cabbage dude doesn't return :(, but it's still a fun game!

(P.S. Is the mac version for chapter 1 updated? I tried to use the secret but it didn't work...)


Hey! Thanks for playing my game! I wanted to let you know that I will fix that bug in the first chapter and reupload :)

Thanks dude!!! :D

Hey Low Light Games! I was wondering, to figure out the problem, what secret did you have trouble with. The locker key on the chalkboard, or the code. Thanks.

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I've tried both, and neither worked! I think the reason is this:

Cool Guy Size Differences

I don't think the Mac and Linux versions are updated... and it tough to tell if the game is updated because all versions still say v1.0.0

Maybe re-uploading the builds would fix it?


Hey Low Light Games, I just reuploaded each different version for each different chapter. Thanks for telling me about the problem so I could fix it :). If there are any more bugs, please inform me. Otherwise stay tuned for chapter 3 :)