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I never knew I wanted to be a merchant!

I like how it's basically a thought out DnD scenario with quite a few different ways to go about doing things. Fallen London is strong here! But it's fine!

It's fun! I like this, please make more! You got a knack for writing!

And whoops I managed to get myself stuck, with no options to choose! Paragraph -

In certain sections of the market displays of tinware and roasted chestnuts serve as a cover for a more illicit trade. Here, those in the know can acquire all manner of powerful relics.

Thanks so much for the feedback - I really appreciate it. And thanks for finding that bug - I'll get to it in the next update. 

Definitely going to be continuing work on the game - have a lot planned out for it. Going to try to balance adding new content with working on an eventual Unity version. 

Thanks again!