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Sorry to hear you took that away from the game! Honestly, it's not intended to be transphobic, but instead a commentary on how games default to a male/female binary, without any willingness to embrace trans and non-binary representation.

But I can see how it could potentially be read in other ways! So thanks for your feedback!

Thanks! I really appreciate the kind feedback!

Hey, thanks very much for your kind feedback! I really appreciate it. As luck would have it, after a long time away from development, I'm going to be able to do more work on this from January!

Thanks - really glad you liked it!

I've been known to dabble...

It's on hiatus at the moment, due to work/life stuff taking priority, but with plans to start work on it again later in the year!

Thanks for asking!

Hi again. Sorry for the delay in replying - I was away for New Year's. 

I'm still not sure why this is working. I've asked a few people with varying setups to try playing the game, and it works for them. I've now included a proper downloadable version on the game's page. Hopefully that works - if not, then I'm really sorry, and I'll make sure to look into it further during a bugfixing window I've got scheduled later in development.

Sorry, there shouldn't be a zip version available - it's play in browser only. There might be something weird going on in the back end. Let me check...

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Really sorry about that! Not sure why that is - it's working fine on my laptop (in Chrome and Firefox), my tablet, and my phone.

Could you tell me more about your setup? What hardware, browser, etc.?

Thanks very much! I really appreciate the kind feedback :) 

And sorry, yes - I think I know the unfinished part you're talking about! I'm planning on finishing that part of the game soon, then this prototype will be fully complete. After that i'll be working on the full game, which will probably mean that there won't be any updates for a while. 

Thanks again for playing! Hopefully you'll like what comes next!


Thanks so much for the feedback - I really appreciate it. And thanks for finding that bug - I'll get to it in the next update. 

Definitely going to be continuing work on the game - have a lot planned out for it. Going to try to balance adding new content with working on an eventual Unity version. 

Thanks again!