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a question, I bought the game and I have not received any mail that contains the files or the key for Steam, it usually takes a lot ???

As was stated in the devlog we'll be releasing steam keys once we've gone live on Steam. We're going live on Steam tonight at Midnight PST. We hope to have the keys available by this weekend.

More specifically:

 Tomorrow I'll be getting the keys from Steam and sharing them to purchasers on here. The process is done through where you can claim a key. I'll send out a bulk e-mail to all people who have purchased the game (as long as your e-mail was included in your purchasing receipt) which will include instructions on how to get that key through the itch website.

Because this is our first Steam release, and I've never set this steam key handout through itch before, there may be a learning curve I'm unaware of. So please be patient as we try to get them out over the next couple days. I want to have it all set up by this weekend.

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Also note that the Steam release is an updated version of the game as well which includes several new features in the main game, as well as an 'Overtime' mode. These features are not found in the current version found here on itch. A new itch build with these features will also be released here on Itch shortly after the Steam release.

Keep in mind, we're a 2 man team, so please bare with us as we try to get these builds done in a timely manner.

We also need to get our Mac repaired so we can get the OSX build out... that probably won't happen until next week unfortunately.

Oh, and lastly.

The itch version is available right here on the itch website for download. Once you've purchased the download link should appear on the store page in your browser.

 bought it on Thursday and I still have no notification of purchase or download, I also find that it is available in Syeam and cheaper than I have paid, very well for this sales system :(

It is the same price on Steam and

The download links, and claim steam key buttons should be visible on the itch store page for the game if you've purchased it.

If you're having problems using the itch website please contact itch support.