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Y las dlc's "pacuaaaaaaaaando"??? 

Juego completo, me ha gustado mucho, me quedo con ganas de mas... 

Y hasta ahí llego, no se que me falta por hacer... 

muchas gracias!!!

hola, en cuanto consigo esa figurita se bloquea el juego y tengo que reiniciar, que puede ser??? 

Hola, no se si será un fallo pero... cada vez que cogia la 1ª figurilla del angel luego no puedo volver a agacharme porque se bloquea el juego, en otra partida al entrar en el garaje se han encendido los faros del coche pero la figura no me ha aparecido... 

me quedé con ganas de seguir la historia...

muy prometedor... 

Gracias ;)

Una pregunta, la nueva demo AlphaDemo.rar901 MB

 4 days ago és la misma que esta 

TAPE_AlphaDemov1.2.zip850 MB ??

porque no hay manera de descargarla.

Hola, una pregunta, esta "demo" sigue siendo la misma que jugué hace más de un año, donde está la versión "extendida" o como se puede conseguir???

Well, I have to say that the game seems like a marvel to me, that retro air, that nod to "Resident", that humor in the characters and voices of the phone, is everything I expected from this game, fantastic, bad ... some exits to the desk, not being able to configure the command, language ... but all this is forgotten when you are playing;),
In my opinion a superb game and highly recommended, by the way I uploaded a video to Youtube dying many times :( maybe it is very clumsy ...
The problems I had with the key was a matter between Paypal and "", thank you.

 bought it on Thursday and I still have no notification of purchase or download, I also find that it is available in Syeam and cheaper than I have paid, very well for this sales system :(

a question, I bought the game and I have not received any mail that contains the files or the key for Steam, it usually takes a lot ???