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Gracias ;)

Una pregunta, la nueva demo AlphaDemo.rar901 MB

 4 days ago és la misma que esta 

TAPE_AlphaDemov1.2.zip850 MB ??

porque no hay manera de descargarla.

Hola, una pregunta, esta "demo" sigue siendo la misma que jugué hace más de un año, donde está la versión "extendida" o como se puede conseguir???

Well, I have to say that the game seems like a marvel to me, that retro air, that nod to "Resident", that humor in the characters and voices of the phone, is everything I expected from this game, fantastic, bad ... some exits to the desk, not being able to configure the command, language ... but all this is forgotten when you are playing;),
In my opinion a superb game and highly recommended, by the way I uploaded a video to Youtube dying many times :( maybe it is very clumsy ...
The problems I had with the key was a matter between Paypal and "", thank you.

 bought it on Thursday and I still have no notification of purchase or download, I also find that it is available in Syeam and cheaper than I have paid, very well for this sales system :(

a question, I bought the game and I have not received any mail that contains the files or the key for Steam, it usually takes a lot ???