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Hello Dreamon Studios, I did what you said more also did not work. This problem did not happen version (Gladihoppers_Win_v_0_1_0) only after this new update that this is happening, it's a pity, because I really liked the game. Now what should I do?


Yeah, I know. I updated Unity (the engine I use to make this game) and it appears that it's causing problems for older Windows versions. Unless you can upgrade to Windows 10 instead, try to do what this blog post says:

Assuming you have an Nvidia graphics card and the latest drivers, see if you have those options from the picture in the blog post available in the Nvidia control panel (probably right click on desktop -> Nvidia control panel). Then go to Display -> Adjust desktop size and position and try to set it to "aspect ratio" or "no scaling". See if either of those two fix the issue.

Other than that, I can't really find any other possible solutions to this problem. If you still can't launch the game after trying this, then let me know and I will see if it's possible to downgrade the game project to the old Unity version and re-build a version of it for you.