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Thanks developer for the mobile version of GLADIHOPPERS, however I think it could be put a multiplayer mode in both versions so we spent playing with friends on different phones and also with compartmentability with platforms android and App. In addition could be placed mode tutorial, which appears as soon as we open the game in the mode tabs in case we forget the battle commands. Besides, I can not wait to get the pending updates, both from the computer and from the cell phone, and that these observations are in both versions.

ok developer

Hello again developer, I think I found the problem my operating system is 32. And now how am I going to be able to play the game?

Hello developer, I did not receive any error message just the executable of the game that does not open in the version of my pc (windows 7).

Hello developer of the game, I need help, because the game does not open on my pc. Can someone help me?

This game is very cool, well it could have a multiplayer mode in the future.

Thank you very much Dreamon Studios, now finally after a long time I am getting into the game. But I still wanted to ask a few things:

Would you like to add a translation into Portuguese (Brazil)?

What is the key for the controls of the game in which you activate "javelins"? (because I want to change)

Hello again Dreamon Studios, I hope I'm not bothering. Well, unhappily I could not do what you said, so I think the way is to downgrade the game design to the old version of Unity. However I have some questions about this:

How will I use it? (explain in detail)

Are you at risk of any problems or viruses? (especially in the case of the virus?)

And how will it be for the next updates?

Hello Dreamon Studios, I did what you said more also did not work. This problem did not happen version (Gladihoppers_Win_v_0_1_0) only after this new update that this is happening, it's a pity, because I really liked the game. Now what should I do?

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Dreamon Studios, I get the popup from the pre-launch window, but it's no use activating windowed mode. I use windows 7, but in the previous version this error did not happen. And now what do I do? I really liked the game, but I can not play after the new update.

I really enjoyed the game, but after the new update ( the game is not opening. Can someone help me? This is the error that appears when I open:

###span class=""<the change="" to="" the="" resolution="" of="" 1360x768="" failed,="" trying="" a="" lower="" value<="" span="">
>span class=""###All resolution switches failed</the>
Screen: DX11 could not change the resolution (1360x768 fs = 0 hz = 0)