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Congrats on the game, buddy.
It's definitely got a minimalist style (and controls), but also some really great and challenging puzzles and gameplay.
I found myself feeling really chuffed when I completed a couple of hard ones
(tho I must confess, I skipped that "horizontal" one - yikes!)

All in all another great puzzler from you - congrats and all the best with the jam! :D


Hey, thanks Paul! You're talking about those black horizontal bars I guess? Yeah this one is tricky, so here's a hint: thare are two horizontal ways for bars, but only one makes the screen doable. It might be better placed near the end, for difficulty progression. There's another player who managed to complete it but couldn't do it at first as she got it wrong and tried to follow the yellow bars... while the bars are black on yellow! Which is indeed an easy error to make, I didn't think about that.