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Hi there, thank you for contacting me about your game. I'll be giving a quick review here, mostly going over the things I liked and didn't like.

I'll start off with what I liked. The game is very pretty, I love the lighting effects used, and the warmth of the colours is very inviting, it gives a somewhat relaxed feeling despite the circumstances. I found the atmosphere/tone of the game to very well done, you can immediately tell that there's more going on underneath the surface but the game slowly builds up to it, which is nice. The story is pieced together fairly well, I like when a game can tell a story through the use of it's environment, and I'd say that's done well here. The sounds used throughout the game are good as well, from the splashing of the waterfall to the hoo of an owl, everything sounded nice, though a tiny bit too loud at times, but that may have just been my headphones.

Now for what I didn't like. It wasn't easy getting the game to record properly, I have a dual monitor setup, my primary monitor is 2560x1440 and my secondary monitor is 1920x1080, it seemed as though the game was locked to a 1080p resolution and full-screen. Any time I tried to force windowed mode the game would revert back to full-screen after pressing 'enter' on the title screen, causing my second monitor to shift my capture applications around. A graphics options menu would have been lovely and would have saved about 20-30 minutes of fiddling around if I was just able to change the resolution and or window mode properly. 

All in all, I tried not to let the technical issues spoil the game for me, it really is a lovely experience to be had, the game is breathtaking and the environments have been crafted with a lot of care, with details packed into each scene. The issues I experienced would likely only happen to people with similar setups as me, trying to record the game as well. 

As mentioned, I recorded a short let's play of the game for my channel, hope you don't mind.

Cheers and best wishes,


Hi Famed Killjoy

We're sorry that you experienced issues with resolution due to a multiple monitor setup. Changing the game resolution within the application is something that we will look into for a future update! Thank you for your feedback and let's play :)