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It's definitely a different kind of driving test! I like the energetic feel of the game, there's not really anything to slow you down or threaten you (apart from the holes). Although you always need to be alert when a sign appears, once I accidentally jumped just before a "no jumping" sign and so I lost the point on that.

I'd gladly invite this game to our contest, the Game Development World Championship, it could probably do well in our jam category.

Thank you very much for your comment! We are very happy to hear your feedback and that you got involved by the style of the game! Thank you for your invite and we'll think about it for sure, but can you tell us more about the GDWC? Thanks again! 

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Thanks for your interest! It's a game-making contest for independent developers, with the purpose of finding out the best indie games of the year. There are two main categories (Pro and Hobby), along with a couple of special ones (like the one for jam entries, as mentioned). A jury will decide the final winners in October, meanwhile there are also polls for the site visitors on some of the games each week. You can enter here:


Wow, it's a nice idea! Perfect and thank you for all the information!