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Thank you!

I sent one on the 5th of February and one again today in the morning.

I can send you the ticket IDs if you want.

If the process is complex take your time, I just wanted to know in order to plan the publishing of my account correctly.


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Good morning,

I sent an email to "" some time ago requesting the modification of the username of this account because when I am trying to change it, it tells me that the username is already taken.

The problem is that the new name I want to use was the old name of my old account and for some reason the new name is still linked to my old account (which has a different name now).
When I write the "" URL it redirects me to , which is my old account.
I want to use "silver978" in the account I am using now to write this post but I can't change it.

Sorry for the "spaghetti" explanation, hope someone can help me.

Thank you,


Thank you so much for downloading Zimbli41! This is an old project, I am working on some new games you will be able to play soon.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

La Unity Malignani 2021 GameJam è ufficialmente iniziata!

Il tema è: Parkour

Buon divertimento! 🥳

OMG, well done!! :D


Thank you so much for your interest in our game and for your awesome video: we had a lot of fun by watching your gameplay!
We know that "Where ?" is a bit hard but we wanted to let the player obtain the victory and the endings with his own effort in order to valorize his work. :)
We are very happy for your words: our main objective was to increase your curiosity in the discovery of all the endings and also of the final and secret ending!
This game has a complex story behind it...good luck in unveiling all the secrets of "Where ?"!

Thank you again and keep up the great work too,
Eternium Galaxy

P.S: we are working on a big update for this game...stay tuned!

Thank you so much, fantastic! :D

Thank you! Really appreciated! :)

Thank you and for sure, now I'll contact you! :)

Thank you so much for your comment, we are happy about what you said and you incourage us to expand it and work more on Revive and other games! 

Thank you so much! We will update the game after the jam and expand it for sure then! :)

Thank you for your comment and we will update the game to make it better after the jam and resolve that issue! Stay tuned :)

Thank you very much, we are happy that you appreciated the core mechanic of this game!

The ending you saw is the actual ending because the game should quit automatically after a bit, but this feature is available only if you have played the game with a downloaded version, not on the Web.

Thank you very much for your words, we are excited for what you said because you help us to know that our game could be a nice game if developed more! :)

Thank you so much for your words, really appreciated! We really happy that you pointed so many good aspects of our game, because we can focalize on those things and make it even better! The movement is a bit bad on purpose to fit the style of this jam ;)

We are glad that you enjoyed our game experience and thank you for what you said, you help us to evolve and be better for the next time! :)

Thank you for your words because you let us know that we have created a good product! :)

Wow, it's a nice idea! Perfect and thank you for all the information! 

Thank you very much! This game is in an early stage because we made it for the jam but we want to update it and make it better and more clear to understand. Yeah, we wanted to create that feel when you swing the traffic light and we happy that we achieved it. Thanks again!

Thank you so much, happy to hear that!

Thank you very much for your words! We also happy that you liked the weapon effect!

Thank you very much for your comment! We are very happy to hear your feedback and that you got involved by the style of the game! Thank you for your invite and we'll think about it for sure, but can you tell us more about the GDWC? Thanks again! 

Thank you vey much, really appreciated! 

Thank you so much! You completed your driving exam with a super good score, well done!

Ahahah all right,  happy to hear that. Try the game with your friends to see who can get more money! ;)

Thank you for your feedback, really appreciated and it will help us in the development of the new version!

Sorry but you're talking about a bug you found? Ahahah 

If so tell me and I'll correct it!

As soon as possible I'll create a devlog here or on our socials to let people follow the creation of the full game.

Salve ragazzi,

se caricate il vostro gioco e non vi conta le entry probabilmente verranno mostrate alla fine della GameJam o comunque il tutto si aggiorna. Inviateci pure i link dei vostri progetti personali così possiamo vederli subito.

Grazie e buona serata!

Andrea & Eternium Galaxy Team

Grazie infinite per il tuo commento e apprezziamo moltissimo quello che hai detto! Ma certo, appena carichi il video facci sapere così ci diamo un'occhiata subito! A presto! :)

We are really happy that you appreciated our work!
Thank you very much!

@Paier Grazie mille per il commento! Teoricamente gli oggetti "buoni" sono distinti dalle trappole per quanto riguarda il loro metodo di apparizione nel gioco e dal suono che viene riprodotto. Inoltre hanno anche dei disegni che dovrebbero far comprendere la loro malvagità (come il "coltello", la "dentiera", ecc), ma capisco che sia difficile distinguere e quindi aggiorneremo sicuramente il gioco per risolvere questo problema!

@Andros99Bac Thank you! We will update the game as soon as possible!