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Hey, guys. I played your demo. What can I say. Graphically, I like everything, the palette, the drawing. Now a little bit about the sad. I played on Fusion, did not fill in and test on SMD. It feels like the first one is an input lag, or it's connected somehow with animation, it's hard to explain, but the boat is poorly controlled, there is not enough smoothness, even if you change the speed of movement. Secondly, methiorites that we can shoot down. Let's look at this moment from the side of realism. You and I are flying over a green planet, but for some reason the methiorites from below are highlighted in blue??? How? Where does such a light source come from? After all, it is logical that the light from the planet is green, so the methiorite should be green from below. Then the third, the base with guns. Here you need to decide something, some passages are unreadable, you are flying and do not understand whether you can fly here or not - this is a huge gameplay mistake. Well, the last one, it's clear that this is a demo, but there are no checkpoints after killing the miniboss, this is certainly not critical, but unfortunately times have changed now and the player will quit the game if he has to go through everything all over again. I'm not saying that there are no players who will get it on the contrary, but it will scare away some casual players. Make the option of checkpoints and without. Everyone, good luck in developing the project. Of course, you should have a little more interesting design solutions in terms of who we are fighting with. All this is still an unmemorable enemy. Somehow he doesn't have something in common that unites the enemy. Thanks for attention. Greengh0st team PSCD Games.


Thank you for your very interesting feedback.

Concerning your problem with the controls, it’s about the input lag present on some configurations and emulators. We advise you to decrease the input lag in the options of your emulator, KEGA has some options like “perf sync” decreasing the input lag.

If you can play on a SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, then the experience will be more pleasant with a more precise control.

We have taken note of your suggestions and other remarks.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Regards, White Ninja Studio team