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Thank you for your very interesting feedback.

Concerning your problem with the controls, it’s about the input lag present on some configurations and emulators. We advise you to decrease the input lag in the options of your emulator, KEGA has some options like “perf sync” decreasing the input lag.

If you can play on a SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, then the experience will be more pleasant with a more precise control.

We have taken note of your suggestions and other remarks.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Regards, White Ninja Studio team

Thank you for your comment! We will try to make the game accessible to everyone while offering a minimum of challenge. A save system will allow you to resume the game, which will be a great help to finish the game without having to start over several times from the beginning.

Regards, White Ninja Studio team

Hi mikkelmarius, after checking you can now download the demo from this page or by going to the game homepage.

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Hi Flaviogames, normally you can download the demo now from the link on this page or on the main game page.

Hi and thanks for your feedback!

The TecToy Mega Drive being different from the SEGA Mega Drive, it’s not easy to find a way to solve this problem, because we don’t have the possibility at this moment to get a Mega Drive TecToy.

Thanks a lot for your support :)

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we don't have a TecToy console, so we can't check if our game is working or fix any issues on it. Before releasing the prototype demo, we contacted TecToy to get one game system, but they never followed up on our request. We hope that someday we can get one of their model for add compatibility with this hardware.

Thank you for your comment, we hope you enjoy the new demo that is being prepared.

Hello, of course you will be able to buy the ROM in order to play Irena Genesis Metal Fury on the hardware of your choice.

Hello, please download again the zip file and use the binary file with an emulator like Kega Fusion or Regen.