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Brilliant idea and it's a great game for all the perfectionists out there (although enjoyment may depend on whether you really like arranging things). Somehow I found the game easier to play in full screen mode, even though the frame is the same size. The sliders are really accurate, usually the right position is just a pixel away, so either a bigger screen or setting your mouse slower could make the game easier.

I'd like to invite your game to our contest, the Game Development World Championship, I think this could do very well in the jam games category at least.

Thank you! In case you missed some hints in-game (which can easily be done :D) you can press left & right keys after you clicked on a slider to be more precise. Wuld love to make a better scheme, but you know, jam time limitations... And I'm now checking your GDWC website for sure!

Okay, I guess that's a handy feature. Thanks for checking the site!