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I think for what I could play it's an interesting game. You can tell it was heavily inspired by Metroid. I would have played a lot more but, I got to one point where I jumped down a shaft and, then got stuck. Both doors were locked with nothing to do at that moment. I tried to jump back up but, fell down again and, again by the time I did manage to make it back up it did the screen black transition thing and, immediatly I was thrown back down the hole. I raged and, gave up haha.

Well, I think you were going about it the wrong way when trying to climb up the shaft, you were supposed to jump to the next ledge straight out of the ledge grab without standing on it. I think I'm going to change it a bit and block the player from being able to stand in between the ledges to try and make it more obvious what to do. :) I've also removed the platform which you bumped your head on and got sent down again (will be included in the next update). Anyway, thanks for trying the game out! Also, I can assure you there is more to do in the demo. ;)