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This was such a great game, and a wonderful experience for me, I had a blast I got stuck towards the end, guess I could have skipped the part as well haha but I do like the idea, of trying to escape from this area, I imagined and mentioned in the video that it does kinda  remind me of Saw like captured and having to go through rigorous tasks, and trials to escape, only a select few can, I would have liked to see the game from Julias perspective as well I assume maybe she has her own trials? haha so many questions and not enough time, anyway I would love to play this when it drops! thanks so much for the opportunity! 

Hey Syphon,

A massive thank you from us for taking the time to play our game! We're really glad you enjoyed it :D Sorry to hear you got stuck, we'll add that to the list of fixes for the next patch!

We definitely had a Saw style mentality when designing the game, so glad that came across. If anything i'd like to take it a bit further in the future.

Rest assured we didn't put the tease in for nothing, and at some point Julia's story will be told : )

Thanks again for playing! 

Captive Minds