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This is amazing for a first project, the idea was definitely there, and it's fantastic I tried to predict jump scares.. and uh well that didn't work out for me xD  

I LOVED this, I can't wait to see what else would end up happening! I won't spoil but yeah I wanna know what happens so badly! XD

I had a blast playing this, I have to say it blew my mind towards the end omg, was wonderful, to any who have not played, I wont spoil but you guys did an amazing job props to you! and hope to hear more from ya!

First off, thank you SO much for reaching out to me, to play this game, I had a blast and was totally worth it! :D Im sorry it took so long for me to get to it, if you have not known I was mia from the scene for a bit! but Im back and what a game to come back too! thank you so much Nick!

So I had a blast, was a silly game, and totally worth to play! xD all the carnage! SO MUCH CARNAGE!

So this game scared the socks off me, I did not expect it, from its sounds to its eerie vibe I got, it was an amazing gem amongst the many! thank you for giving me the chance to play! 

I loved this, I was kinda lost and didn't understand the mechanics at first but when I did, it went relatively smoothly! :D amazing game

So this game definitely re-opened my eyes, to the horror scene, what a game to come back and play! it was trippy and awesome, I'd love to play more! :D

So I.. just returned back from being gone from Youtube, and I  have to say.. I..can't even deal with how scary this is >.< jeez, I  loved it though, it really broke me in XD

This game has some serious potential, and its challenging, I had to try it out, and it was amazing the graphics, and the scarecrows voice acting was ON POINT I enjoyed as far as I got! haha wish there was checkpoints though, but then again if it was not that long probably not, it increases the challenge I had fun playing :) 

My god, this was a horrifying experience, I didnt even expect it, to be fair, its started off, okay well lemme shut down these pc's to, OH MY GOD she is everywhere towards the end, Idk if I had more after I got caught, right before I got to the exit, I kinda assumed I lost but was a fun game nonetheless I'd love to see you do more EPIC BLANK what an EPIC GAME! great work :) loved it! 

So I played this, was rather difficult my god was it scary, the idea of running and not getting away when you are found increases the difficulty but considering the true length of the game I can see why, I got so much chills after playing this game and I dont think I can sleep at night easily without hearing "Hee Hee" >.> haha great game tho all seriousness had a blast! 

This game is AMAZING and thats a understatement Its so beautiful, I played this and can't wait for the full version to come out, so many neat things you can do, and can only assume it will get better, I managed to even play off the record, aka off without recording because its that good, the grinding isnt bad, I call it that, but to farm materials to sell potions and to farm more, I enjoy that kinda lifestyle, also its a break from what I normally play so yeah <3 I loved it, plus the character is cute, can't go wrong there :) 

Was short but very right to the point, I liked the aspect of it, the creepy owner and the slight backstory I love making theories and it raised a lot of questions! I enjoyed this game 

Haha thanks for the tweets and love I appreciate it :) if you like, I just finished the game completely! I really think this game deserves to be finished and I will love to see and support it through! 

After playing this game, I got super paranoid, where I even live, haha, after I failed the first time it got even scarier, to know exactly who I am tryna prevent, from enter my house, I love this game and I have high hopes for it! I would like to see maybe more! unfortunately I didn't get to clear, even after keeping the lights on and blocking some of the holes! guess I just had to be faster! was an entertaining experience tho, so hope you like it :) 

This game is actually very cool, took me a bit longer to get what was going on, but when I did, it was rather interesting, I love the art, and the characters so far, Faleena and Dal Tor, they are pretty close and I really like how she is able to accept, Dal tor, for the inside and her heart, than her race, Im not done just got to chapter 2, but I wanna play more, I really enjoyed this :)

I had a blast playing this, didnt know how to finish! but was an amazing experience, I don't like bugs but I didn't mind being this one! had to make my ball grow so I can show all the other girl beetles, what Im working with! :D

THIS WAS HORRIFYING I loved it, the story is so sad, losing both his wife and daughter, and the end, was VERY sad I felt bad for the dude, but the game itself gameplay wise, was a great find! I had fun and truly enjoyed this! maybe you will do more with this?! :D I would love to see more at least! haha 

THIS WAS HORRIFYING I loved it, the story is so sad, losing both his wife and daughter, and the end, was VERY sad I felt bad for the dude, but the game itself gameplay wise, was a great find! I had fun and truly enjoyed this! maybe you will do more with this?! :D I would love to see more at least! haha 

So I played this game, had so MUCH CHILLS especially at a point I actually had to run, was horrifying, I wish this could have been longer! 

This game was pretty cool, was thriller like, very chill inducing, although I can feel what this person is going through being alone, and when anxiety kicks in, especially as a child everything looks far more terrifying! :D I did another game as well with it!

I had a blast playing this :D was fun and scary the ambient noises at the end, messed me up BAD I feel like if I had to run from something it would have been EVEN MORE scary, gods that ending had me scared, this definitely has potential! I don't know if you are gonna do anything else with it, but nonetheless was an amazing find! 

Finally got to try this, I love the story so far, and the graphics, I do also like the battle style, fighting ghouls and goblins are my favorite types of games, not to mention versatility of weaponry, has traps and all kinds of interesting mechanics! :D I had a blast, and hope you guys can finish the game! I would totally be down to play!

OH YES you best believe Ima check them out, thank you guys! :D haha

I enjoyed this one, JUST AS MUCH as the alpa/beta I might have made it farther, you know I love your tracks, the music was FIRE like REALLY Good, Ima need that soundtrack! haha could not help but dance 50% of the time, I liked the mechanics, the twists of using a arm simulator was challenging, but not too difficult! can't wait to try the game out, and I will definitely do a game play on that, loved this! :D

This game was pretty GOOD, I got stuck but I laughed a lot at the sounds the game made and stuff it was pretty unique even given the art style :D 

This game, was hilarious and had some creepy moments, I remember playing a game like this before as well :D

The ending was so freaking hilarious, I thought I was a dead man XD honestly haha 

So I played the game, apart from me glitching it from the start, or a bug I found it was difficult but when I figured it out, was a neat little platformer, gave me Rayman Legends vibe, when I was saving the little wee people :D I had a blast! hope you do more, rooting for ya on the release!

Cute little game I like the whole dating simulator vibe, honestly I played a game that reminded me of this, think it was a hand simulator, btw I got hungry playing, that food on the table THO -drool- Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to play this game!  :D

GAME IS FREAKING EPIC thank you so much for reaching out to me, I do wish I could figure out a certain complex puzzle I didnt have the time, but I did enjoy some of the main mechanics, graphics and all were AMAZING!

Had a blast playing this, was short but short and sweet, got a few chill inducing vibes! I LOVE the ambient noises weird most folk freak out at that but I actually enjoy it!

So I thought this game, so freaking fun and amazing, from music, to story idea, being a hero and trying to save a friend, I love the immersion of this game! I had fun and enjoyed it :D please do more with it!

Took me forever, hurricane happened, so I couldn't  get around to editing it, but it was a great short game, was made to fit a 15 mins or so break :D tried to see if there were other stories etc, was a great experience, and I am honored you guys reached out to me on twitter! keep doing what you guys do, and hopefully you guys will make more of these?! did say to be continued! :D I loved it, was hilarious, and bad parenting at it's finest, plus nature as it attacks me, I swear nature and me wont ever get along, glad to see that to be true, even in games haha. I had fun playing really! I'd like more!