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So Idk what I played, but I still had fun haha, I saw and looked at a majority of the other videos, I didnt get the ending properly I guess nothing but a pink screen but I mean the nostalgia was great too! I mean was like my childhood came back corrupted! :D thank you guys for giving me the chance to play this!

Fun experience, I had a bladt playing this, which I did not expect, but the banter down to the little classic gossip girls feel, I do like it alot xD I wanna play more! I think I shall! and I hope you guys do more this game was enjoyable!

Haha thought so, just got freaked out, but thanks for replying I am glad you at least found the gameplay at least entertaining and it made ya chuckle abit! XD I liked it, thank you for giving me the chance to play!

Although I did not make it that far, this game was a great play haha the whole creepy aspect nailed, with the whole switching frequencies thank you for the experience!

Had a blast playing this, never thought I would haha was nice from the music to the slight rage and all, I dont know if you can progress to stage 3, or I could be an idiot and not be doing right but yeah was great here's my gameplay

Amazing game for as short as it is, I am hoping you guys doing more for the game, definately something I will consider playing hardcore, I love scary games! XD and this one the ambient noises and all, were almost enough although nothing happened much I was always at a sense that some shit was gonna go down! great job, and thank you for giving me the experience!

Created a new topic MY LETSPLAY :D

I enjoyed this game, was amazing for me to play I never thought I would have so much fun, you did well dude for letting me have the honor of playing this, I hope you maybe finish it? I'd love to play a full release, god I was so frightened on certain parts, here's my letsplay hope you enjoy! :) and thanks for the opportunity!

you guys have an english version? :o I only can download Portugues XD and can't understand loi.

np I had a blast! :D thank you so much again for giving me that oppurtunity to play this game!

I had so much fun with this game, I support 100% and wanna see it complete, SO DOPE how it kicks up and that hit at the end! which I wont spoil obviously and the game I was thinking of it resembled, MAD father, I loved that game too, but this one is amazing <3 thank you guys for the experience!

Thank you guys for an amazing experience :D I appreciate it, I also had fun with this one, I didnt expect it, but I had a rad time, idk if you guys are doing anything else with it, but if you did that'll be awesome but if its set in stone that fine too I loved the art style and the EPIC secret you end up finding out in the end :D amazing job!

I LOVED this game, was so much fun and random, pretty entertaining for a run game, not sure if there is a sure way to finish, didn't get that far, but I was checking it out, and I honestly didn't expect to like it so much! could not stop giggling at alot of the stuff that went down, thank yall for the experience!

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This game SOOO much fun its just a demo a bit buggy kinda well was for me anyway but still was the most fun I had haha I really have high hopes for this game! :D

LOVE this game, had an amazing time playing got a little lost haha but I mean other than that loved the ambience, to the creepy parts about it! here's a gameplay on it! thank you for sharing the experience! :D

I loved this game, not sure if you guys are gonna do anything else for it, but I and I see several others would like to see more! haha was a fun little experience, the topic is very eye catching about someone clearly in their heads and stuff, here is my gameplay! please lemme know what you think! thank you guys for giving me the experience to play! :D


Hey np you deserve it :) an amazing game, I'd love to see what else you do to it thank you for the experience an honor for me playing the game!

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I loved the art style to this game, I expected a boring puzzle but after getting on and playing for myself, was a FREAKING blast man the whole battle system, you having to play your cards right to avoid certain situations of certain death on the horizon haha, but I mean can't go wrong, with cute anime style puzzle game :3 thank you guys for the experience and I love the game, this game should go far I expect it! Hope you guys get it done soon! I wish yall all luck! here is my experience!


Created a new topic Lets play :D

Hey sorry if this isn't acceptable, no idea because I didn't see a comment section that include lets plays so I thought maybe a new topic would be sufficable? XD but yeah I LOVE this game, so much fun and a great experience, I didn't finish it all in one sitting, but I love the concept of you being in the dark having to escape, and look for your family that is also lost with you, it is quite an interesting story plot! :D Here is my experience

My gameplay!

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So I played the game, was an amazing experience lemme say thanks for giving me the experience to play this demo, my only issues were the minor crashes but other than that the colors were vibrant and the game itself had some great mechanics! great work! and hopefully, maybe we can see it complete? :D here's my experiences!

My Gameplay!

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Loved this game, it was not what I was expecting at all, but it turned out so great when I sat down and played, the puzzle aspect the music, and the colors so vibrant I cannot wait till the full get released good work Skookum Arts! my hats off to you! and I wish you the best of luck! Here is my gameplay if you wish or any need a reference to why this game is FREAKING EPIC! https://youtu.be/Bir_jPmxkB4

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Amazing game, love the vibrant colors as well as the Music, had a Fruits of The Feather feel, got my vote as the most epic relaxing game EVER tho :D so thumbs up! haha here is my experience if anyone needs more convincing! There might be tons of things I did not figure out so if anyone has things they have done as well that I haven't please lemme know haha :D


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Excellent work Footbrawl love what you did with the game, was so much fun, catching and beating down prisoners! it was exhilirating as well as exciting, isn't that the same thing..? I think so xD Im dumb, but here, is my experience with the game! Enjoy :)

Prison Brawl/Letsplay

I am glad that I helped, it means a lot that you guys take the time out to watch as well :) its just so cool that you guys can make games! and I just figure since I love Games why not play them! haha was a fun experience, also if their is an update, I can't wait till I see what you guys do with it :D

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Yeah thats what I did, but like.. it just shows the link and not a video like yours when I click post comment, Im not sure if I am missing something else or something xD its weird!

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Game WAS AMAZING lol I loved this and I might play more of it thank you for the excellent experience ASMB games, here is a gameplay of my experience check it out :D


Hey there annabelle, I had this problem too, all you have to do is turn off pop up blocker for that specific download :) and it should let you!

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You guys did it again haha loved this game! you guys should make a complete series of some of these! would be amazing loved how this one was headed! here's my experience with the game keep going strong ISART :D all of the love!


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I loved this game as well! almost as much as I enjoyed Lily color of santa Luz! this game was a great experience here is my gameplay! keep up the good work!


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I did that but like are you suppose to put it in the links tab? or just copy and paste to the body here because XD I am confusing myself maybe haha

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Nice vid man! if you dont mind me asking, how do you have your video embedded as such on the site? like I put my link in but it is way different than Gamejolt it seems and just putting the link, wont show the video front XD

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This game was so pretty amazing, I loved the story aspect AND I love the colors, so vibrant and spoke to me, I had TONS of fun playing this! great job ISART I really am glad you made this made me even happier playing it, Here is I know I didn't get the best ending but I think It was a good 2/3 with my choices XD after finding out your choices in the game make you have the final affliction.

This is my experience! Enjoy! :)


Game was so much fun I dont think I had so much fun cleaning MARIA HERE ROOOM SERVICEEE! Here's My experience with the game!

This was such a well made game, god i loved it it spoke directly to my heart I wish it was longer, I wanted to see more, but here is My Experience! Great job thumbs up and good work Lox Rain!

Anytime! it was a great experience! :)

Amazing I think a lot of people should play this, amazing job! I like how randomized the paperwork can be, each time can be a little different, and here is my experience! The Aftermath

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I didn't get pretty far but I loved the style, the loom and feel of someone supervising your every move and moment! is chill inducing I love this, although I did get lost, here is my Video on it! :D any advice would be helpful as well! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jR88zhHLf8A

Thank you! haha can't wait for the full game! :D keep it up! I am honored to have played it!

This game FREAKING amazing, and honestly can't wait for the actual game I wanna to do a full gameplay of this! from the music to the dark themes, I think this was one of my favorite demos, great job Bela! and company! My experience with the game

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I do enjoy this game, amazing work Samurai Punk I loved the artistic values, and music it was so serene! this is my experience! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOCsHMrjDPM

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Good work, such an amazing game, I was honestly excited to see this out I mean I loved the first one, and I think you did an amazing job on that one too! keep it up! maybe hoping for a 3 soon?! or too early xD Haha here's my Experience You have 10 seconds 2 Gameplay!