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So I had a blast playing, I'd like to play more, the colors stand out a lot, controls a little sensitive but that was also probably me and my darn worn out control haha, I really like the concept of Thiefing in space I have to say honestly best game I played theif wise since Sneak theif, I had a blast as well, I want to complete this, and I am honored to have played this, thank you devs for finishing as well as giving us the chance to play :D

So I had a blast playing this, I have to say for it being early dev so far its rather impressive, I am a very little things kinda man, and when it transitioned from night to day, or vice versa, or even an elemental change, im in love, I do like the side jokes and adulturated humor, I say it also definitely makes the game :) thank you guys for rocking! keep up the good work and you have my support to completion!

Had a blast playing this, thank you devs for suggesting this to me, and sending to my email! I really appreciate and find it an honor you guys think I should play this! I do like this thus far such a great story, also I am a sucker for Visual novels and simulations! I really am appreciative of it all! thank you for letting me gain experience from playing this! you guys deserve so much support, you got me :)

Such fun, lots of fun colors, and a pretty cool backstory with the character, definitely gets an A, also actually solving riddles as well can be a challenge but roughly a great game! and I am honored to have gotten to play, thank you!

So I had a blast playing this, got 3 endings, didnt know of the fourth but I do feel as the last one I got was kinda absolute! so colors, the script, and everything was flawless, the idea of meeting a total stranger to where she becomes your very thoughts and ambitions, I find that interesting, thank you for the experience and chance to play this :D hope you enjoy this little gameplay on it, you guys did a wonderful job!

So I had a blast playing, got the perfect ending Im guessing on the first try,  the artstyle and deep meaning behind it, really is amazing, had me thinking I would have never guessed what any of it meant, the colors are vibrant and the game itself story was was AMAZING I have to rate 5 out of 5, on amazingness, did an amazing job :D Here is a gameplay on it! hope you can enjoy as well as serve for a review!

Created a new topic Gameplay! :D

All I wanna say is this is AMAZING thus far, I will be doing a full playthrough of this, I am liking the characters, growth as well as their attitudes I really have high hopes for this! and I hope you guys will approve this gameplay, I love the art style and everything, Visual Novels are my favorite!

I LOVED This game, was great music, and ragey bits, I cant wait for the actual game to drop, also like how it is controller compatible, not enough games are like that, this music in here though I keep returning back to it, I loved it so much haha its my own weakness, but here is a video on it, I hope you guys find it a bit funny hyuck hyuck worthy haha I am definitely rooting you guys on! keep up the good work!

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So I was wondering if this was going to be full at some point, its actually really cool, you didnt have an idea what was going on, although thats what made it more terrifying, I think horror games need to go down this, give your imagination a gate unlock, you have no idea whats going on, you are in a dark damp place, with no way out, and you hear weird stuff, that end though wow.. I have to say this was well done, I really appreciate you guys giving me the chance to play this :D hope you guys enjoy the gameplay!

I have not had this much trouble with a puzzle game, if it is even that but I had a blast playing, was scary gave me chills a few times, I might have broke the game towards the end, none of the heads will move etc XD Im sure it just goes to me being an idiot, so thank you devs for making this game possible as well as giving me the chance and experience to play!

Created a new topic Gameplay! :D

First off, had a blast playing, there was some rage points but rage does make a good game honestly, and tons of entertainment value, Ima retro game fanatic as well as a music lover, so you had both these things, relaxing music, rage as well as great level designs I didnt notice much bugs apart from the zombie in the corner but I mean I think he was just stuck because he could not roam. But clever Trap placements and all kinds of things, I didn't quite finish this demo, but I did have fun with the amount I played, thank you Boomfiregames for the experience as well as the chance to play your awesome game :D I have you on follow, cant wait to see what happens with this game, or your next release!

Haha np :D I had a blast!

So I tried the game out, was amazing I had a blast and I didnt expect it, finding puppies in a cluttered area, I realize you aim not to talk to anyone by mistake whilst clicking puppies, its actually very fun and puppyfanatics would love it, not to mention its ADORABLE AF thank you dev sorry if I got your name wrong, which I did WILL HERRING lmao xD hope you chuckle at the gameplay tho! thank you for the experience!

Hmm, this game is promising, is there a fullscreen option? o_o I play on Windows!

You guys done it again, Im surprised I missed this, but I finally got the game down! so yeah LOVE IT FOR SURE the action was amazing the button mashing, I really have high hopes for this, and hopes it gets completed, you guys never cease to amaze me, as I always forget that you are all from the school not like.. ISART MADE it per se just like the Devs are from that school -I can never get it right Im sorry!- Lol but I had a blast Please PLEASE finish! haha 

I had a blast playing this one, was fun and exhilirating, to be a monster and to scare people "Im not evil I Swear" BUT I liked it for what it was you guys keep amazing me with such good games :D thank you for sharing them, and letting me experience!

Another great game, had a blast playing, I really enjoyed it! I rock with ISART to the grave! haha, Colors, graphics, as well as control Flexibility already excellent things in my book! if you want a great gaming experience, check it out!

Never seems to not amaze me an ISART studio game, man this takes me back to like Lily and StickyBoy, its been some time and glad yall are back with some great games, look forward to me projecting them all! haha as per usual, I hope yall enjoy this gameplay! I had a blast playing, solid graphics, serene music, as I expected no less from my fav devs~ thank you guys for making it, and giving me the experience!

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I had a blast playing,  I loved the colors and the story also how everything flowed together, this game has SOOO much potential, and I thought it was SOO dope, thank you guys for making a great game :) and keep it up! I cant wait to see what this game has in store! P.S. Hope yall enjoy the gameplay! xD least make yall chuckle a wee bit!

DOPE game, reminds me of one last night which is a game with the same concept, I liked the whole shooting at a perspective, I call it "Satellite" aiming lol as weird as it sounds, and sure there is an actual name for it, but I mean was fun to play and I dont think I have had fun playing a shooter in a long time, thank you devs for the experience, and best wishes to a complete version! :D

So I had a blast playing this, got stuck but positive the artwork I was submerged in, thank you guys for the experience, please slap me in the head because I got stuck at some point, and Im sure it was because I was ridiculous and missed something haha, other than that the gameplay was solid, I did like the interactions, definitely the best quality about the game, amazing work devs! :D

I had a blast playing this, I loved the graphics as well as the story, so far I wish that this had a bit more, but Im sure its a work in progress, I do also think that this has SOOO much promise, thank you devs for the experience of a dope game!

Haha you guys are awesome hope to see more from yall! glad I made yall chuckle chuckle! Haha Love the work thus far!

I had a blast playing this, I recommend this to any who have not played, and I hope it gets done soon the graphics, story, banter between partners which to be expected in this, made me laugh a lot too xD she was a bad b***h and I must see more, pardon my language haha thank you devs for giving me the experience and chance to play this game!

So Idk what I played, but I still had fun haha, I saw and looked at a majority of the other videos, I didnt get the ending properly I guess nothing but a pink screen but I mean the nostalgia was great too! I mean was like my childhood came back corrupted! :D thank you guys for giving me the chance to play this!

Fun experience, I had a bladt playing this, which I did not expect, but the banter down to the little classic gossip girls feel, I do like it alot xD I wanna play more! I think I shall! and I hope you guys do more this game was enjoyable!

Haha thought so, just got freaked out, but thanks for replying I am glad you at least found the gameplay at least entertaining and it made ya chuckle abit! XD I liked it, thank you for giving me the chance to play!

Although I did not make it that far, this game was a great play haha the whole creepy aspect nailed, with the whole switching frequencies thank you for the experience!

Had a blast playing this, never thought I would haha was nice from the music to the slight rage and all, I dont know if you can progress to stage 3, or I could be an idiot and not be doing right but yeah was great here's my gameplay

Amazing game for as short as it is, I am hoping you guys doing more for the game, definately something I will consider playing hardcore, I love scary games! XD and this one the ambient noises and all, were almost enough although nothing happened much I was always at a sense that some shit was gonna go down! great job, and thank you for giving me the experience!

Created a new topic MY LETSPLAY :D

I enjoyed this game, was amazing for me to play I never thought I would have so much fun, you did well dude for letting me have the honor of playing this, I hope you maybe finish it? I'd love to play a full release, god I was so frightened on certain parts, here's my letsplay hope you enjoy! :) and thanks for the opportunity!

you guys have an english version? :o I only can download Portugues XD and can't understand loi.

np I had a blast! :D thank you so much again for giving me that oppurtunity to play this game!

I had so much fun with this game, I support 100% and wanna see it complete, SO DOPE how it kicks up and that hit at the end! which I wont spoil obviously and the game I was thinking of it resembled, MAD father, I loved that game too, but this one is amazing <3 thank you guys for the experience!

Thank you guys for an amazing experience :D I appreciate it, I also had fun with this one, I didnt expect it, but I had a rad time, idk if you guys are doing anything else with it, but if you did that'll be awesome but if its set in stone that fine too I loved the art style and the EPIC secret you end up finding out in the end :D amazing job!

I LOVED this game, was so much fun and random, pretty entertaining for a run game, not sure if there is a sure way to finish, didn't get that far, but I was checking it out, and I honestly didn't expect to like it so much! could not stop giggling at alot of the stuff that went down, thank yall for the experience!

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This game SOOO much fun its just a demo a bit buggy kinda well was for me anyway but still was the most fun I had haha I really have high hopes for this game! :D

LOVE this game, had an amazing time playing got a little lost haha but I mean other than that loved the ambience, to the creepy parts about it! here's a gameplay on it! thank you for sharing the experience! :D

I loved this game, not sure if you guys are gonna do anything else for it, but I and I see several others would like to see more! haha was a fun little experience, the topic is very eye catching about someone clearly in their heads and stuff, here is my gameplay! please lemme know what you think! thank you guys for giving me the experience to play! :D


Hey np you deserve it :) an amazing game, I'd love to see what else you do to it thank you for the experience an honor for me playing the game!