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*This comment may contain spoilers so please skip if you don't wish to see them*

Hi! Thank you so much for this game! I streamed it last night on my twitch channel. I'm not a huge channel but I did have at least one viewer stick it out with me! It took about 2 hours in total for me to finish, mostly because I missed one important clue at one point and wandered around a lot.

I adore the concept! I think it's pretty original and I honestly loved the story and how it developed. If nothing else, I simply want MORE of it. Totally a good thing! 

I did have a bit of an audio issue where I wished I could lower music and raise dialogue because the voices seemed too quiet for me. This could just be a me thing so no big deal. I still heard them, just not as loud as I would have hoped. The voice acting was phenomenal. 

I would loooove it if there were more days like the first one, with collecting ingredients and performing tasks that way. Of course, the way the game is laid out now helps the flow of the story so I don't know if it necessarily needs adding to, but for me personally it was awesome doing random mini-games with little bits of pickle juice twists thrown in. It was almost like being a sim with a horrible overlord controlling you. Maybe more drawn out mundane things will help to get a feel for what Matt has been dealing with for so long. TL;DR: Baking is so fun ok

Also this may have been a me not paying close enough attention factor, but I totally picked the wrong person to die and it was sad for me LOL.  I think in the picture scene it would be helpful for people like me who are generally in a confused state to sort of have text that says, "Who will be cancelled?" or something similar to distinguish from whether you're choosing who lives or not.

The guards were so scary at first and the sounds they made were so gloriously spooky and mechanical, but I hope they get more aggressive as time goes on to add more fear and urgency to the atmosphere.

I loved the shower and I took one every day.

I played basketball every day too.

I also enjoyed taking Mr. Blinky with me everywhere. He kept me safe... OR DID HE?

I didn't have any trouble with the way this ran on my computer until the end. The game crashed just as I finished and I was okay with that, haha.

Thank you again for a great time and I wish you all the best of luck pushing further. Keep up the good work!

Hey Starlatrix,

Firstly a big thank you for taking the time to play our game, especially on stream! We really appreciate that.

I'm really pleased to hear you enjoyed the experience overall, and especially that you want more! Captive Audience was originally designed as an MA prototype for a University course, and we've expanded on it up till this point to give it a more full fledged experience.

That being said there is a lot more i'd like to do with the game, from expanding the backstage and increasing the threat of the drones, to adding in more tasks like the first day's baking challenge :)

We're currently discussing options of what we could do with the IP next, and where we want to take it, so keep an eye out for news relating to that!

The audio suggestion is a good one, and something we'll look into for future builds.

I'll take a look at the day 4 choice and try make it clearer as well!

Really glad to hear you enjoyed the game overall though, that's all we want with a title like this : )

Best Wishes, and thanks again for playing!

Captive Minds