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I just had an instance where the game stopped auto filling the lowest cards to the top. At one point I had a stack where the 2 descended below the bounds of the screen. I was still able to grab it when I needed it later, but I don't know if that would be what did it?

Not a major issue at all, just thought you may be interested to know!

attached a screenshot of having all my ordered stacks not filling in:

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yep, that’s a known bug! it’s kinda interesting how it happens: if you play the game for longer than 18 minutes, T overflows and becomes negative, so if(T>52)q(14-😐,3)M=T%3 doesn’t run every frame anymore (because T is no longer larger than 52) so M never gets reset to 0, which is necessary to make the cards auto-move.

(why 18 minutes? T+=1 executes once per frame and pico-8 numbers overflow at 2^15, and (2^15 frames)*(1 second/30 frames)*(1 minute/60 seconds) is roughly 18.2 minutes)

If you wait for another 18 minutes, you might think that T would become positive and the cards would start auto-moving again, but before that happens the deck re-deals itself (starting when T reaches 0) and all sorts of weirdness happens.

Anyway, thanks for the bug report! That screenshot is really satisfying to look at :)