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I'm (a) Spencer and this felt pretty accurate, nice work. Not sure if I did all the dishes (I found 3), but very much enjoyed my time.

Really like the acceleration on the paddle. Nice work!

I like the art a lot. I can't seem to do anything once it tells me about gusts

We wanted to make it system agnostic, and people can tweak numbers or dice to fit with whatever they are playing in. My favorite system is Mork Borg, and I had that in mind for my item designs.

I played this game a few years ago and have thought about it every few months, but couldn't remember who made it or what it was called, so I'm very delighted to have found it again, and am gonna check out more of your work. Cheers!

Very cool looking stuff in the works, thanks for the update!

Great art and a well paced story, nice work!

nice nice

great stuff, here's my high score so far:

Very cool, Love the Game Over screen

this is fantastic


this is wild, nicely done!

Really great audio and visuals. Would love to see this at a gallery or exhibit of some sort, if it could be set up to unpause/pause when people approach and leave, letting them experience it for however long

So far I have no points. I find myself remembering the game Tuesday night before going to bed, then either shortly after I wake up, or an hour or so before lunch on Wednesdays. Will continue playing to see if I can figure out any strategies.

Do points go below zero?

Very neat, nicely done!

Really dig the music in this! I may have gotten a bit carried away with my upgrades after running into a difficult 3rd boss, ended with over 50 HP, ATK, and DEF

I think I've broken the record! Very fun game

This was very good.

This is rad

Love this! I've gotten to 8 in a run. Is the flash showing the new guy after catching him intentional? 

Very cool art. Makes me dizzy so I can't play it for too long, but nice work!

great work!

I just had an instance where the game stopped auto filling the lowest cards to the top. At one point I had a stack where the 2 descended below the bounds of the screen. I was still able to grab it when I needed it later, but I don't know if that would be what did it?

Not a major issue at all, just thought you may be interested to know!

attached a screenshot of having all my ordered stacks not filling in:

Nice work!

Love that flop shape. Delightful stuff!

Great art, and an interesting addition on this style of game with the penguins adding to your stopping point.

could use more of a learning curve, start slower and get fast otherwise very polished and nice!

Really love your color palette! Nice friendly game!

While I was playing this I thought about how could challenge be added to it. Seems like the simplest ways (in theory, maybe not implementation) would be add a timer or multiplayer, and imply that players are racing, would probably be at home in a Mario Party.

Even then, with the multiplayer, it doesn't need to be overtly competitive, players could work together with one of them following the instructions, while others search for faster paths. I don't know if the instructions now give the optimal path, but would be fun for a group to explore that together.

Anyway, neat game!

Dang, this was really good. Nice work.

thanks, will do!

Howdy, I'm not super familiar with jams, but this one sounded interesting. If anyone is looking for someone to do art/visual design, and/or to assist with game design, I would love to help out. Otherwise I plan to work on a card game for my own submission.

Howdy, not sure if this is appropriate for this board/community, but y'all are the only group of people I've shared a creative experience with lately, so I thought why not.

I'm making an email newsletter to share my stories with people. They are generally short and silly, but occasionally get angsty and emo. I've got something of a stockpile that I'll probably pull from, as well as writing new stuff as it comes to me. I don't have a set schedule, because I can rarely stick to those and they just make me feel bad and give up entirely. That said, I'll probably try to do at least 1 every other week or so, and maybe sometimes 2 or 3 a week.

Anywho, if that sounds interesting, you can subscribe to it at

The first story will probably go out in like 6 or so hours, but I think there should be an archive.

There is a definite end, but whatever you got out of it is great

hell yeah?

I'm not sure what that is, so I don't think so, but maybe.

I just used the in-browser version of Twine 2. I didn't do anything with the CSS or any of that fun stuff. I would've liked to illustrate it if I had more time.

(Just looked into Ink, it seems like a cool thing. I may try messing around with it sometime in the future!)

NOTE: Some screens require full screen to be able to read all of the text