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Would you consider adding VR controls, or uploading the map to VRChat? I've always wanted to explore the Spencer Mansion in VR :)


Me too! But i never try this. 2 Weeks ago i tried to implement joystick input in the game and i was barely to break all the project ... so i will finish first the game and then try to do in vr and joystick functions on it.

Awesome! Also awesome job on the project, it's looking great :)

If you want some help with the project and do you like to make a VR Version, i can offer you some help. I work with unity and VR. I program in c# and some other langueages. I'm From Argentina.  What do you think about it ? 

pues pienso que estária relindo que me echases una mano para hacer el resident Evil 2

Hola bro ! Me copa la propuesta y la idea. Agrégame en Discord. PuroHueso#3467

Oh yes please, make it happen in VR somehow. Want to wander through Spencer Mansion too. :)