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gracias amigo! Pasate un enlace que vea ese Resident Evil tuyo!

Yes as far i know...


Very good idea!!

Yo calculo que en 3 o 4 meses...Si,subiré el juego mas completado sin duda,pero hay que tener paciencia. Ahora hay una persona muy competitiva trabajando en el proyecto también.

pues pienso que estária relindo que me echases una mano para hacer el resident Evil 2

I´ll think about it,but is more ugly without the filter :S

Me too! But i never try this. 2 Weeks ago i tried to implement joystick input in the game and i was barely to break all the project ... so i will finish first the game and then try to do in vr and joystick functions on it.

Gracias! Pues es que esta mal hecho el script del arma con la municion y cuando no hay mas balas se queda en esa animacion. Puedes coger cargardores en el hall principal,en el pasilllo debajo de un mueble donde salta el chucho por la ventana y en algun sitio mas hay un cargador de pistola.

Thank you for playing and comment. I don´t want to dissapoint you,but save system is impossible to put here :(

In other versions of Unity, I remember that I could choose which resolution to play at, but in this version I'm doing it doesn't give that possibility. I'm so sorry :( (I'm doing this on a computer that is 10 years old or older)

The development of the project is quite embarrassing. Basically the game works with boxes that activate other events. I will put the scenarios to download for free in Sketchfab when the game develope ends, but the project is unfeasible to share, because everything is a mess.

todo el mundo se echa unas risas con el sonido del claxon

Nice video! Thanks

Thanks to you for playing it.

Thank you amigo for playing and enjoy it. Im working in one of that suggestion.

(1 edit)

Thank you!
1) you cant save the game. Im looking for an easy way to create a save system,but this game is so badly done,thats i think gonna be imposible.
2- I cancel the inventory. That create a lots of troubles so,another stuff that i cant handle with.
3- Im using a plugin  pixelator. Also the textures is made with that pixeled effect.
4- This game need a programmer since the first day i start with it. I did almost everything with a simple simple scripts,tutorials and with the idea only to walk arround the mansion,so thats why excepting visual everything works so badly.

Create a new folder in your desk and put in there all the archives what are inside the zip. Then press the executable. Is that working¿

Whats that?

I cancel the inventory in this version what i updload before. I don´t think gonna work properly... Im doing cutscenes and rebuilding all enemy and adding some more but i see imposible to stand a save system in this thing. Im glad to read you become some nostalgia so i feel realize knowing it!

Gracias! Thats the idea of this,because im a very bad programmer. Very bad. 

Thanks! I will investigate about aspect ratio...

Спасибо, друг, что наслаждается этой игрой! Через несколько недель принесу в сеть самую свежую игру.

Thanks i Will check out today. Thanks you

can you try now¿

I'm also doing this alone and with a pc that is over 10 years old ... haha. I would like the Bravo team to have more history, but I have few resources.

No,i havent :( But i update this site every time im doing something new.

I will try to implement in the next versions. Stay alert!

wowww! really?? how did you do that! I update yesterday with an intro. Thanks for playing and for cheating too haha!

los sanguiche de milanesa están muy ricos pero no tienen nada que hacer contra los San Jacobo. Los San Jacobo bien hechos en su punto son una de las grandes maravillas de esta existencia. En el colegio yo siempre que podía repetía pero era difícil por que todo el mundo se comía su San Jacobo y también querían repetir. Pero la milanesa está bien siempre que le pongas un poco quesito por encima...

Thank you! Nice to read that. I update the game and put on download with a simple simple hunters enemy. Eduard still in T-pose. I will do the same with BIO2 yes. As soon i ``finish´´ this thing.

? So strange...can someone else write here if that happend too??

BIOHAZARDPROJECT.exe  but did you download the Rar Archive?


Try now!

Its an honor to see a tutorial startin with your : `` Hi! This is Jimmy Vegas....´´ and i gonna teach you how to save,..or how to get inventory. I use to see your channel , Brackeys....and more that i dont remember now but i want to take my time to mentionate in the credits or in a easter egg. Of course you can share this stuff. Despite is uncomplete is for everyone who wanted. Hugs

Some part of this is made with your tutorials. I still need your help!

si jejejeje

The game doesnt install... try to put the archive from rar to a new file or empty file...

ah ya ya i see!