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Wow! That's great to hear. :)

Will there be a SteamVR version too? Since a non vr version already excists on steam? :) Nevertheless bought it anyway since I wanted to play it in VR and support the developer.

It does run under Win10 64bit without a problem.

Awesome. Thanks :)

When I recenter in VR it only moves me in the center of the seat but it won't turn me towards the front. Having my desktop at a 90° angle as my SteamVR playspace allignment I always face the right side of the cockpit. Wanted to play with my hotas on my desk but this way it's impossible if I can't turn the view.

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Made a playthrough of the deluxe version live. Got 3 endings. I have to say...this was a great experience. Can't wait to stream chapter 2 :)

Found it. Thanks :)

Is there a way to get fullscreen?

This would be amazing if other games with this engine would work. Like Corridor 7. :)

Cool :) And to not misunderstand, what I meant like the movement in Aeon, I meant not the slo mo effect. Just the the dash teleportation and that the fight area is limited (with boundries if you get to close) until the last enemy is defeated. Then a floating icon pops up like in kung fu where you choose where to go next. :)

So I played the alpha and overall this looks really promising.

I think the most common issues you are already aware of like:

- Enemies run inside you so its nearly difficult to hit them. They should stop earlier walking towards you. Its a mess when 3 people right inside of you and you just wiggling your arms like a maniac.

- Teleport to an enemy results nearly every time to hit them so hard they fly through the levels by not even punshing them, so you just tp to each enemy and get rid of them in an instant. 

- Enemies necks and body glitches when ko them resulting in bending the bodyparts.

I see where the teleport mechanic is coming from that you stay in the area until every enemie is defeated and then proceed like in the old brawlers. But I bet many players will complain about that stile of movement and it won't take long some will demand free locomotion. I don't have a problem with teleportation but others surely will. My sugguestion ist get rid of the fixed teleport fist-symbols and the tp in front of enemies and just let us tp everywhere we want. To keep the "clear the area first to proceed" situation I would suggest to just make boundries and they only let you go further until everyone is defeated. Like in the devil may cry games, were an area closes on you until you defeat everyone. So you can move freely in the fight area and when everything is done THEN a fist symbol would pop up and puts you in the next fight area. You maybe want to take a look at Aeon where they solved it like I mentioned. I think this would  be a good approach for the movement.

Video done:
I will also post some feedback in the next days :)

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I will. And I have to test it a bit more so I can give you some feedback about my impressions. :) But the video will be in german, as my channel is obviously a german channel :) 

Since there is no general sub forum I ask here :) Is it allowed to upload gameplay of the current version of kf shadow fist?