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Some feedback

A topic by Hoshi82 created Jun 20, 2018 Views: 172 Replies: 3
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So I played the alpha and overall this looks really promising.

I think the most common issues you are already aware of like:

- Enemies run inside you so its nearly difficult to hit them. They should stop earlier walking towards you. Its a mess when 3 people right inside of you and you just wiggling your arms like a maniac.

- Teleport to an enemy results nearly every time to hit them so hard they fly through the levels by not even punshing them, so you just tp to each enemy and get rid of them in an instant. 

- Enemies necks and body glitches when ko them resulting in bending the bodyparts.

I see where the teleport mechanic is coming from that you stay in the area until every enemie is defeated and then proceed like in the old brawlers. But I bet many players will complain about that stile of movement and it won't take long some will demand free locomotion. I don't have a problem with teleportation but others surely will. My sugguestion ist get rid of the fixed teleport fist-symbols and the tp in front of enemies and just let us tp everywhere we want. To keep the "clear the area first to proceed" situation I would suggest to just make boundries and they only let you go further until everyone is defeated. Like in the devil may cry games, were an area closes on you until you defeat everyone. So you can move freely in the fight area and when everything is done THEN a fist symbol would pop up and puts you in the next fight area. You maybe want to take a look at Aeon where they solved it like I mentioned. I think this would  be a good approach for the movement.

>Enemies Run Inside you
We actually just fixed that a week ago.  I think it made it into the latest build.  Fun story on what happened there, the AI has two modes of movement:  waypoint mode & fight mode.  In both modes, we feed it a position and the AI decides how to get there.  Waypoint mode is obviously just "walk straight to that point and await further commands"  where as combat mode  "Calculate strike distance. Use sidestepping maneuvers as necessary. Keep guard up."  Guess which mode the AI got set to accidentally?  

>Teleporting strikes

This is a mixed bag.  It was an accidental feature at first of having a "power strike" where the speed impact of the hit took the quickstep into the math.  We fixed it one time so that didn't happen. But then at our next public demo, a lot of the repeat players mentioned they missed it. We're still debating on whether to leave it in or not. One of our ideas of making it a "close line" maneuver where it doesn't damage the enemy, but flips them or throws them back.  

>Enemy neck glitches

It's on the TO DO list, but since it isn't negatively impacting game play, it might be a while before we get to it. 

> Teleporting/Dashing

This is one we keep going back and forth on.    In previous builds, we had multiple teleport spots all around the arena so you could pseduo freely move around.  Some liked it, some didn't. Some got confused by  it. Thanks for the suggestion to check out Aeon. We'll look into to see what ideas we can borrow.    We've done a lot of public demos gaming expos, I think we've had over 500 random people try it .  The general consensus is that for a brawler, people preferred dash based teleportation instead of instant teleportation, and for a brawler, they preferred head based dashing instead of controller based.   So our next point of R&D is to see how we can implement more dynamic locomotion while sticking with those control constraints.

Thanks again for the feedback! It means a lot to us. We're a small, 5 person team. So feedback from experienced VR players is invaluable to us. Majority of people at expos are new to VR so they can tell us what they liked and didn't like, but they don't have enough experience to enunciate their suggestions.

Do you have a green screen setup for your recording?  We've been wanting an excuse to implement mixed reality capture for our game, so if you have a green screen setup and are intested, it's something we can implement sooner rather than later.

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Thanks for your feedback, Hoshi! A few of use have picked up Aeon for "research" purposes :) 

Cool :) And to not misunderstand, what I meant like the movement in Aeon, I meant not the slo mo effect. Just the the dash teleportation and that the fight area is limited (with boundries if you get to close) until the last enemy is defeated. Then a floating icon pops up like in kung fu where you choose where to go next. :)