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Wow, this game was quite an experience - very impressive for only 48 hrs work! Congrats! :D

Firstly, you nailed the visuals and music (as your jam result confirms) - the game looks stunning and those synth sounds are so sweet, they hark back to my 80's yoof :o)

This game was MUCH darker than I expected, but again, more credit to you for being able to create such a strong narrative in a) 48 hrs, but also b) with the player in such a short play-time.


I loved(?) how you represented the looming pressure/depression with the visuals in the background - very effective.  With the ending - I wasn't sure whether the farmer just gave up farming (or on life) at the end, but I guess it doesn't really matter - either way, I think you've created a pretty strong message/feeling here.

Lastly, ...are you ok?*

*Said slightly "tongue-in-cheek", but after seeing content like this, I feel it would be remiss of me if I didn't remind you that I'm only Tweet away if you wanna chat! ;o)

Thanks Paul, glad you enjoyed! And yes I'm fine, but thanks for asking :)