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By far your best work (yet). I really enjoy how you acknowledge darker themes in your games, although they are not scary monsters, rather real life dilemmas people face on a daily basis. The bright watercolor contrasts the empty white-grey backgrounds throughout the game. The music is awesome and better so because it is original. Although the real world differs so much of the one Jane experiences in high school, a high school student only knows what they have perceived,  those bullies subside and the laughter will fade. Adolescent mental illness is a very present, and dangerous problem most shy away from. You face these topics in your games head on, which makes them more so admirable. Really great work, I have come to expect great things from you!

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Thank you so much for the playthrough & comments!! As always, I love your narration & am really glad you enjoyed the game :D Will continue to update you if I develop any new games but meanwhile, I’m browsing through your YT channel for cool new games to try haha ^^ Keep up the great Let’s Play videos!

P.S. Your theory about the amygdala was right 👍🏻