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So first I got True End, where SEARINA reunites with her soul.  Basically a happy end? Just don't kill VIDO and ILLI then you get it.

Then I got GAME OVER,  by when I started,  I ran straight into the black thing-a-ma-bob and died.  It's kinda cool that I'm the only one that can save KAIMA.  Oh and I experimented, and if you go ANYWHERE WITHOUT ILLI,  you get that ending.

Next I got Normal End, I ran straight through the path WITH ILLI, we killed VIDO, EZEL was freed, (it might be wrong bad memories :b) and yeah ILLI went with her...

Then I got Indifferent End, by listening to VIDO'S story then killing him. SEARINA said she had a bad feeling, but it ended the same like Normal End. However, it said, "Are you really going to accept this ending?" If you say Hella No, then it takes you  back where you get to choose to stop ILLI from killing VIDO or not.  IIf you say Yeah, it says "Suit yourself." 

Last, I got Bad End. When you fight ILLI, if you kill her, you become partners with EZEL.

This is quite short, but has a deep setting into it. 

I love it.

Thanks for making all these games, Nami <3


how did you not kill him?
i mean, you can make him free her, but then he will get killed by the other girl anyways.
and you'll be forced into a fight with your frined anyways.

did I miss a step?

Or should I have not side tracked and instead went straight for the boss when coming to the intersection for the first time?

super late, but if you just dont help anyone and get all the chests then go fight him then Illi kills him